last days, russian visa, impressions and future plans

When i had 6h time in Lugansk i found these Teenagers on the street, some of them playing music etc. It was some fun time.
In the train i met the chinese guy again (sorry but i forgot your name…i hope this is not becoming the rule ^^..)At night it became really cold…we are in Ukraine and it is september…stupid Ole
but the sunrise was really beautiful and misty.

When i arrived in Kharkov, i met with alan, but he had no space in his apartment.
So i used the last bit of money on my german phone to call roman…and again everything worked out well!
when waiting i fed the birds at the trainstation…crazy experience…i can just recommend everybody to do this at least one in life!

This is Roman.
He is a taxi driver, and therefore really knows the city and has a car.
So for the last 3 days he brought me to the embassy and helped me with everything.

this is where i live at the moment…

THE RUSSIAN VISA (damdamdaaam)
i arrived early, because there are always many people waiting.
When i finally got in the embassy, i apparently had not evey document, so i had to go out of theembassy to read which documents i am missing.
The guy could not just simply tell me, that i need a copy of my passport…ahh right he could only speak broken english…ok i can accept this!
So i make a copy of my Passport, and get out my insurance card.
i thought for a transit visa the visa of the next country is enough proof, that i WILL leave Russia.
But i was wrong…
The guy told me that i need a train or airplaine ticket for a transit visum.
Well i did not want to fight so roman brought me to the train station (thank you Roman)
And we bought a ticket, from kharkov to semigl mar (look at the last post, i gave you a route)
when we were finished, the embassy was closed.

2. Day

Even though i was in the embassy the day before i had to wait really long, when i entered, i wanted to have everything perfect, so i even printed out my whole insurance information.
when i sit in front of the guy, he looked at the documents very long without saying anything.
Then he looked at the tickets.
“Do you know where Rtischiva is?”
“i looked it up on Google”
“google for ever”
SO he looked it up then. And then he told me that i can only enter russia by train…blablabla
i was really convinced, that this time everything worked out.
But apparently i had to fill out a new application form because i did not list the whole route i am travelling. Online it only said i should list the place i am visiting in russia, not my whole route!!! *grrrr
This was to much, they have no forms in the embassy, so i had to go to an internetcafe…when i came back the embassy was closed of course…i started to hate this guy!

3. Day (today)

Embassy did not accept any visa applications today…because they need at least 3 days for processing…i will not get a visa for Russia.

–> I will not pay the fine, the russian Border gave me for trying to enter Russia without a visa…so i will have an Entry Ban for Russia for the next 5 Years…FUCK Russia!
I dont like Dictatorships anyways…
The other side of the Medal is however, that i won’t enter Kazachstan and Mongolia..sadly!
It would be to expensive to fly there and then to mongolia…

sooooo WHAT DO I DO NOW???

I fly to india!
Yesterday night i had a very intense dream that i have to go to India very urgently to learn something…i don’t know what i have to learn, i just know, that i have to go to Leh, Ladakh…
So i decided that if i do not get a russian visa today, i will fly to inda…you know the result!

so i stay here till tomorrow, and then i hitch hike to donietsk, where the airport is.

And now some impressions:

What does this Symbol stand for?

Do you think this is an rarity here?

Is this a normal Kharkov city street?

What is the name of this Person?

Is this a witch, a crazy woman, a shopworker or the official Kharkov city cleaner?

What is this?

So Long and with socialist regards

P.S. : The one who first comments all Questions right gets a personal Postcard from Donietsk.
I beg all Ukrainian People not to answer the Questions, this would be unfair 😉
P.P.S. I decided, that i will do this kind of quiz from every Country i am in 🙂

10 thoughts on “last days, russian visa, impressions and future plans

  1. Hehe, lustig mit dem Quiz! 🙂
    Na Ole, du bist doch ein spontaner Typ – auf gehts nach Indien, um etwas zu lernen 🙂 Weiterhin wuensch ich dir gute Nerven, coole Abenteuer, Leute und nicht allzu kalte Naechte allein im Zelt.
    Ps.> Wann besuchst du uns in Australien? 🙂

  2. das M ist die Metro, die Schuhe sind keine Seltenheit (eher normal Frauen in Highheels), ja normale Straße, Jaroslaw der Weise, Straßenreinigungskraft, Melonen

  3. Ole,

    I am not Ukrainian, but have been to Ukraine before. I can answer these questions, and then you can decide whether or not I am eligible.

    1) The M stands for Metro, which is the subway
    2) The high heels is definitely not rare. In Ukraine, it seems that every woman dresses like a supermodel and every man like a businessman :).
    3) The city street is normal. They do a terrible job at filling in their streets. When they have problems like this and enough people complain, then they fill it with small rocks so people can drive through it more easily, ha.
    4) Yaroslav the wise is the statue. Did you enjoy seeing all the old statues in Ukraine?
    5) For your last question, this lady is a shopworker. Although many of the older women just wake up in the morning and clean the streets without having any specific responsibility to do so. That was an amazing site to see.

    By the way, I feel your pain with the embassy there. Service is a rarity in Ukraine, especially when working with the government. Hope everything works out for you in India!

  4. 1. Mario, 2. its no rarity, its almost normal, 3. its a normal city street in Kharkov, 4. its Yaroslav der Weise, 5. this is a witch, a crazy woman, a shop worker and an OFFICIAL CITY CLEANER; 6. its a wall of watermelons…… Felinia&Mola

  5. Oh, sad story. Imagine, though, how it feels to live a life in this bureaucratic hell. I was banned from LEAVING Russia myself. Back in 2005, for 5 years. Simply because I didn’t read papers I signed when I was entering university. 🙂
    Rejoice and have a nice trip to India!

  6. Hallo Ole,
    that´s terrible your experience with russian borders and embassy! So is
    India the next step!?
    Thank you so much for the fotos!
    I try to answer the Ukraine- impressions:
    1.Symbol stands for MEGAMAN
    2. I think it´s not a rarity
    3. I think it´s a normal Kharkov city street
    4. This person is Jaroslaw Mudrij, the greatest man in Ukraine, grand
    duke of Kiev (1019-1054)
    5. an official Kharkov city cleaner
    6. a wall of ukrain melons
    7. front of a socialist soviet new building; below maybe a tea- room
    named “mir” = peace

    So long!
    Good luck! All the best to you!:-*

  7. M for metro but here it is for marathon gas, high heels are normal because they can’t wear slouchy clothes , normal street , Jaroslav Mudryj, shop worker, watermelons yummm,

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