Goodbye Ukraine

Yesterday i spend my time with Pavlo an underground rapper, who was really helpful.
He helped me to get around the city and helped my to find the way to the next host.

Today was my last day in Ukraine.
I had an interview with the leading regional newspaper in Donetks area: the Donbass.
After this i bought postcards.
Everyone who send me an adress to yesterday evening got one… i am sorry for Mikhail and Felinia…but you will have another chance.

After this i went to Vlad who actually is the reason why i got the INterview, he is cameraman in a lokal TV-channel.
(i sadly notice that i did not make a picture with him 😦 )
There i met Katja. With her i made a walk through Donetsk:

And i think at this point it is nessecary that i show some churches, because they are golden and every where…

this computer is so slow, i  will write again when i am in Dehli!!


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