Dear readers i am sorry you did not hear anything from me. But i wanted to wait till i.get a computer. But people told me i should forget about pictures and just write an entry.
So here it is:
The flight was alright…i met a nigerian on the airport and we spend the nine hours of waiting together.
When i arrived in Dehli it was warm and it still is!
I got the phonenumber and asked for a cab to my couchsurfing host Bela.
It was quite troubling to get there but it eventually worked out well. The apartment is huge!
The floor is made of marvel and there are three bathrooms. But thats about it. The water doesn’t work all the time, if it rains the walls get wet because above the 2nd floor the house is not finished. In fact they just stopped adding anything above it.

But the people living here are very nice.
Bela, her brother Karan and another girl Nabeela. On my first Night we went out to a rock-bar but the music was terrible and i was still tired from the night so we did not stay long.
The next night we went to go clubbing to a very nice place called the “Blue Frog”. The music was great! I danced a lot…my shirt was wet afterwards (it also started raining which was a relief at 30°C) but i got a cold because the second dancefloor had an AC and from 30 to 18° is a very extreme drop!

However i dont just want to write about parties…this would exceed the limit of a comfortable text length 🙂

Dehli is an impressive city! It is very dirty and just as in the Ukraine there is a lot of decay. But opposite to Ukraine there are so many people, that they inhabit also ruins and worn down places. This is definitely a different kind of decay.
(pictures in next entry)

Today i went shopping.
And i can just tell everybody coming to india, that you should never go alone! Always take an Indian friend with you or at least somebody who speaks Hindi, because if you are the “firong” (the white forenger) you are the walking wallet, so everybody tries to make some money of you!

Very tasty and very different.
There are so many different kinds of food depending on the region or kind of restaurant you are in. (most are very spicy though)

I will write some more i promise, but i dont like to read long texts. And i think most people think the same 🙂
So long Ole


2 thoughts on “Dehli

  1. I like listening long texts, if they are from Ole! Thank you, dear grandson! All , what you write, is very interesting. Good luck further! And a lot of hugs!

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