Pictures, my Stomach and Connections

Finally some pictures!!!

Me and Patrick at Dubai Airport.
He is a very motivated guy from Nigeria.

I have never ever seen such a modern airport!
Touchscreens where you can scan your boarding pass to see where you have to go, free showers…. and a giant mall!

Welcome in india 🙂


The view from Bela’s Balcony

So i told you i went shopping, i knew the place was near the Central Station, i was walking around a little and then i took a Rikscha and told him i want to buy clothes…he took me to Red Fort …(i apparently wanted to Pahar Ganj)

So after a lot of traffic.



These Maharadschas had some great architects… O.o

After Shopping i just wanted to see some real India… i did:

on my way back i took the extremely cheap Metro and saw this sign…
And yeah almost every sign is in Hindi and English…

This is neither a Rikscha nor a Tuktuk…it is just called Auto o_O

So i have gotten sick to the stomach, it was only a matter of time, Indian germs are very aggressive to my weak German immune system 😦
So that’s the reason i am still in Delhi, otherwise i would have left for Manali.
It got me really weak, but i am recovering slowly… and i have not even used the Vodka-Therapy yet, because yesterday, my host did not find an open store.
I don’t want to take antibiotics though, because i am not sure what kind of disease it is.
How ever i am already feeling better.

Today i am at a Shooting for a local jewelry brand, Andy took me here, because he is a Fashion Editor and Stylist (he selects the clothes the models wear).
Actually i think it is good that i stayed longer, because that way the friendships i made here will probably also stay a little bit longer.. and i hope this is not only because of diarrhea 😀

So long
Ole from Incredible India


2 thoughts on “Pictures, my Stomach and Connections

  1. Ole, I finally found the time to read your blog. I read the whole thing at once. Its really catching and I’m sorry to have missed the quiz. Somehow I feel like I’m fond of you. I haven’t take part on you developing as you did and for that this feeling is a bit awkward. Anyway. I send you hugs and I want you to drink enough water and add electrolytes for you will get better soon. Travel on and good look.

  2. Thanks , dear Ole! All the photos and your text are very interesting, but how are you? I think it´s not so good to use the vodka-therapie, because you never drank alcohol, and to drink so much vodka could be dangerous for you. I hope you can recover without that, i will keep all my fingers crossed for you!
    Get healthy and be happy! Good luck further all the time and everywhere! A lot of hugs!

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