Hitchhiking, Bir, Paragliding and Charas

Hello my dear readers,
I don’t know where to start.
For Manali there is nothing interesting to tell..exept that i made mousse au chocolat for my arabian couchsurfing host and his coworkers (thanks to Fabi for the Recipe…it even “works” without kitchen eqipment)
When i left Manali i changed some money for the way and met an Israeli guy (this is nothing special…it seems that every 2nd tourist is an Israeli)
He said he could take me a part of the way…
In fact he and his wife took me to prashal lake…but i won’t write about it until i can upload pics. 🙂

After i walked in direction Mandi. I tried to take the bus (hanging on the back ladder of the bus it must have looked like Indiana Jones) but it stopped after a few villages. But it was at least a part of the way.
Then 2 teenagers tried to sell me a taxi to Mandi…very clever…but i refused the offer
after 5 more minutes i got a car that even dropped me at the bus station.
In the bus to Bir (thats where Jyoti lives..a friend from India i got to know in Ladakh) i met a friend of Jyoty…everything went well.
The house is very old. The kitchen looks like india: stone floor, loam oven with open wood fire and wooden ceiling. But the food is amazing. In Manali i started eating with Hands…its easy, way more fun and integrating, because all the locals also eat with hands.
Bir is famous for 2 things:

1.)  Tibetan people. Bir has 4 monastries (i don’ know where i will go…) and one of the biggest Tibetan colonies in India.

2.) Paragliding in the Himalayas is amazing!!!!!
Today i went with Chotu (Jyoti’s brother) tandem flying for 1,5 h.
It was very cold but i was in awe the whole flight.

After the flight (and ca. 3h relaxing at the landing site 😉 he gave me his bike (a honda hero) and a driving lesson and tomorrow i go explore the monastries… Wow.

In the evening we went back to the landing site where we found several groups of men smoking joints. In Himachal Pradesh, especially the Parvati villages near Manali, the most Hash (indian = charas) is produced…
And right now is harvest time.
Everybody invites you for smoking charas…but everybody mixes it with tobacco…
So i can say i dont smoke tobacco and everybody understands.
(das is wie mit dem Brüssower Apfelsaft! im Herbst wird man überall zum Saft eingeladen)

I hope this was not to long, but the last 2 days were very impressive.
Pictures are coming when i have other internet than my phone.

So long Ole 🙂

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