Clouds, Lakes and Temples (Pics)

From left to right:
Me, my host Riaz, Steph(NL), Steward(GB) and another NL-Guy (i forgot the name)

a acrobatic dog in Manali

And now some ancient Indian architecture…well actually its not that ancient, and still in use…

Thats the way to Prashar Lake

And this is Prashar Lake…so beautyful!

This Temple is 2000-4000 years old

and they have never restaurated the woodwork!
by the way, there are earthquakes up to Richter-Skala 5 here…
A very ecological community with soloar power…

it is very steep next to the roads!

In bir, before flying:

while flying:

tibetan pilot:

and after flying:

Because of the hight, the clouds have a totally different effect on the environment, the sun was long gone, but the clouds reflected the red light all over the place…it was really impressive!

Just like this thunderstorm, about 1km away, while the sun was shining.

With this bike i am driving around:

To see the monasteries

Temple in the neighbors backyard

and one that almost looks like a bus stop (well the gods have to come there somehow)

My friend Vicky who showed me around today πŸ™‚

so long Ole πŸ™‚

p.s. i hope the system is alright, that i write my thoughts and stuff in one entry, and upload the pictures later…

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