Dehli spacefill

this is a spacefiller (i forgot my camera in Bir), so there are no pics, even though i have a laptop … *grrr

I had a horribly uncomfortable 15h bus ride with two Government Busses.
it was interesting experience though 🙂
Yesterday we (the Dehli-Party-Crew and me) went to a bar called “Route69”, where we listened to Psy…hrrmhrrm
I did not want to listen, so i went upstairs (i could still hear it, the whole place was outside, but at least i could talk)
I met a birthday party there, who handed out free food and drinks 🙂
The birthday-guy was a pretty good musician, who played an acoustic session with two other guys, it developed to be a jam-session…so i started beatboxing, it was fun.

Today i went in the city, bought a moskito net, two turbans and new socks 🙂

♪ ♫ –
“No Pics today,
the cam has gone away.
My readers stay in thought,
the camra will be brought…”
– ♪ ♫
The Song for today ==> click <==

So long


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