good bye delhi (again)

i am sitting here and waiting for the courier to bring my camera. in a few hours i will spend 2 days in a train to Karnataka (google is your friend 😉 ) there i will hitchhike around from Hubli to Hampi to Gokharna to Goa to Mumbai. In India there are a lot of different languages, as i already told you. I learned a few words of Hindi and Tibetan (even though i have never been in Tibet!! i have been in the exile colonies of Dharamsala and Bir. just to make things clear) In Karnataka i will have to learn a new language called Kannada 😀 I am looking forward to south India, it will be warm and at the ocean i can go swimming and get some awesome seafood. (i just got my camera…so when i have fast internet again i will upload pics from Dharamsala till Karnataka 🙂 ) so long Ole p.s. i am happy that obama won the elections, even though here in India nobody cares. And the US politic is so blocked by senate and congress, that i wouldn’t make any difference whoever is president. I am happy.


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