So i finally arrived in Mumbay, so i can actually get back to write about Hampi.

Hampi is a very beautiful place…
If it wouldn’t be so crowded!

I met soo many germans, it almost seemed to me that there are as many tourists as indians (i exaggerate of course 😉
But after the first shock i could see the beauty of the place, the (only) 500 year old ruins, that look like a few thousand years old and the rock formations look amazing!

IMG_0796IMG_0807IMG_0809IMG_0793IMG_0795IMG_0797It is actually possible to close your eyes, turn around a few times, stop and snap a picture…it will probably look good! 😀

IMG_0804This is in the Old Hanuman shrine, which is still in use!


In Hampi i stayed at the Hampi Childrens Trust. I helped school children with their homework and played with them. Volunteer work is awesome 🙂

When i arrived it was Hindu New Year, so a lot of firecrackers on the streets…sadly my pictures got deleted, so i cannot share it with you. Just imagine colourful mandalas on the mud roads (hampi is a village after all)
and small children playing with big fireworks…indian firworks

So After 3 days, it was kind of stressfull to me, because this side of the river wasn’t really relaxed, so i went to the other side of the river.

This is a Shivalingam. It represents the Penis Of Shiva. normally they pour milk over it, the milk then flown on the face of the sheep…it has something to do with fertility.
no commentIMG_0844IMG_0840(i am sorry for the many pictures that all look the same, but hampi really impressed me!)

Some history of Hampi:

Hampi was a big kingdom…the king got involved in aguements of the persians he normally traded with…so hampi got invaded.
500 years later UNESCO declared hampi world cultural heritage.
Hampi was a paradise for hippies before that.
After the tourism increased dramatically in “the most beautiful place of whole india”

In an Indian manner, guesthouses, restaurants and shops popped up everywhere…even to close to the ruins…after some time the UNESCO declared Hampi world cultural heritage in danger, because the shops got closer and closer to the temples.
the other side of the river does not have any temples so they had no problems, and a differnet clientel.
More backpackers and old hippies stay here.
A few monh ago the government, who desperatly tries to keep hampi a UNESCO place, tore down 1/3rd of the village close to the temples.
The inhabitants, owners of Guesthouses and shops, got a notice 3 hours before. the got relocated to a tent camp way off the main touristic area…most of them sell now fruits and drugs to survive.
the other side of the river got declared illegal, the owners of the guesthouses here went to indian high chord.
now they are not allowed to do any business after 22 o clock, but in india everything is possible, so the police gets some bakshish of some restaurants, or you havce to be really quiet.

I stayed at “arba mystica” AKA the “tipi”.


the restaurant is run by a english guy and his indian wife, really cool people. the wife is a journalist who gave me the cookbook of her grandmother 😀IMG_0888these are some of the people i met there.
I have to say, that i really like the Indian Backpacking community and culture.
It is a mix between outlaws, old hippies, musicians, mountaineers, Yoga practitioners and long term tourists from all over the world. Most of them are really open minded and interesting to talk to.


When going to hampi everyone should have seen the sunset at Hanuman temple.
The temple itself is not spectacular, but the sunset is.
And as i become more and more addicted to sunsets, i had to go there too. 😀



Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you, that it’s nickname is monkey temple, as Hanuman is a Monkey god 😉IMG_0869IMG_0868

So long Ole

p.s. all people that said i lived in 89 were right…i forgot to take my shoes away…that was to easy 😀
so please give me your adress over FB 🙂

p.p.s. The entry of Gokarna is coming tomorrow, as i might leave Mumbay soon to go to Chennay…i am really late with my entries…




5 thoughts on “Hampi

  1. So… Shivas Penis… milk… face of sheep… aha. mmh. Sometimes I really think I am to old to make jokes about such things. But who cares?! That is so hilarious!!!!!! XD

    wow, the monkey-sun-pics are pretty impressiv.
    are they kind of naughty when you near them or was it more like they didnt care about you?

    I love to read your blog, Ole. Its always interesting! (:
    Seems like you are really happy, that makes me happy too 🙂 Enjoy life furthermore 🙂

  2. I have to put thay as a definite place to go. It is amazing. I would love to hike around there and sit up and take photos of everything. thx for the photos.

  3. Hi, How do you contact Arba Mistika for accommodation details? I can’t seem to find any website or contact number online.


    • i didn’t contact them i just showed up.
      In hampi you need to go to the other side of the river and then walk down the main street to the “Tipi” as arba mystica is also called.
      And then you just ask for a room…thats how i did it at least 🙂

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