Travelpics from Mumbai to Singapore

Finally the last pictures of india 🙂
in a giant package.

The paradox of ?India?
Everybody knows its there, but who cares?IMG_1000The train ride from Mumbai to Chennai (26h for 5,5 euro) IMG_1003 IMG_1008 IMG_1011 IMG_1015 IMG_1017The good thing about Indian security standards is the opportunities you gain.
For example sitting in an open train door at 80 km/h
IMG_1019 IMG_1021Chennai club rules IMG_1022 IMG_1023The 2nd biggest beach in the World (Marina Beach Chennai) IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1029 IMG_1037But it is probably dirtier than the biggest one 😉 IMG_1039Do you see the guys in the back of the picture? IMG_1040Well, they saw me… IMG_1041A store for traditional indian clothing, H&M-Style IMG_1047Good Morning, Daawwg IMG_1048I got a 500rupee job of dubbing a movie 🙂 yay
The same guy actually came to me again 4 days later, to ask me if i want to act in one. I said yes, becauseit ment 3 days in Kerala with free food and accomodation 😉 and i got him to pay 500 Rupees in advance for my room in chennai…the shooting was cancelled, but i did not give the money back 🙂 IMG_1054This Mosque gave a prayer 5 times a day…like a beautiful song, right next to the guest houseIMG_1064i am pure for sure: no meat, no alc, no drugs…and no girl IMG_1065The daily sunrise at the Yogashram  IMG_1055Balaji my Teacher IMG_1095And the 24 Mantras, before doing one cycle of the Surya Namaskar (sun greeting) you recite the Mantra depending on which number you are at.
(and the address of this very cool School) IMG_1100 The Garden of the Theosophical Society was amazing!
Peacock Tree

IMG_1070 IMG_1074 IMG_1075 IMG_1077 IMG_1078 IMG_1079And i think this is the most coolest tree i found so far, it is a Banyan Tree.
Its roots come from the branches and descend right to the ground… IMG_1080 IMG_1082So this forest, which is around 250 square meters, is just one living organism… O.O IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1089I just love the symbolic…i guess only Europeans see a paradox here.
Indians just see 2 powerful symbols of luck… IMG_1085 IMG_1090 IMG_1094Around 5 tonns of coconut IMG_1101And around 10’000 BananasIMG_1102The graveyard was …. different IMG_1104So these tombs hold the ashes and bones, but they are expensive to pay for…the yellow one is frequently taken care for…it is 5 years old IMG_1105If you don’t have so much money, you get a grave for down to 10 days. After that your bones are thrown on the pile…IMG_11136 years ago the corpses have been burned here…the ashes are still there, even though they build a new house. IMG_1107The graveyard crew IMG_1114I don’t know about you, but i think this is pretty funny 😀 IMG_1119Last sunrise before leaving chennai (even though i don’t know when i took this foto…just imagine i sentimentally took it on my last day 😉 )IMG_1125Arriving in Singapore. I did not know the organized an event for me.
Somebody of you probably told them there is a big personality arriving in town…

…so they welcomed me with a Container ship armada IMG_1127They even put ships on 6star hotels…
(actually this picture holds 3 very famous sights of singapore..the lionfountain, the hotel thing (who cares for the name, its way to expensive anyways ^^) and the art&science museumIMG_1134 So i am back in “Europe” now…just with more Asians 😉
so long



2 thoughts on “Travelpics from Mumbai to Singapore

  1. My Dear, I hope that will get such a lot of good impressions and expiriences like in incredible India in the next part of your trip! I’m with you!

  2. hallo Ole, nachdem wir heute etwas ausführlicher gechattet haben, nun nochmal ein wenig zu deinen letzten diary-einträgen.( I try to write in english). both of them are very interesting and beautiful again – the words as well as the pictures: the travel by train from chennai to singapore: very adventurously! 500 rupie lost ! Surya namaskar- can you make it? I make it every day! Peacock tree and beautiful flowers! But what is a banyan tree? Indian symbols of luck “swastika” – very old symbols, much older than these in germany!
    Your favorite indian foods: do you like eating one of this , when you come back to germany?
    But you must really be shocked from the contrast India to Singapure. nevertheless the city is exiting too, isn´t ? the arts&cience museum, very interesting, but some exhibits a little macabre? but you have made so good fotos, we mustn´t see it really, we have got a very good impression. Thank you very much! i´m looking forward to your next comments!
    have a good ravel further! good luck and care of your self! a big x-mas-kiss! sorry because ofof my many mistakes!

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