goodbye Singapore..

Chistmas without cold temperatures is not a real christmas!
The spirit of cuddling under a warm blanket is missing…or something like that.
Well i did not really feel like christmas, so i did not miss anything.
(even though here everything is full of christmas lights, fake trees, santa hats and gigantic christmas sales)

the day before the 24th…i could just write December 23rd, but this would be too easy :).. i made a bicycle tour with Dieter (see last pic)
nice beaches..
IMG_1226 IMG_1230If you wonder “what is the black line on the horizon?”
i could answer “it is my welcoming fleet” but i already told you that, so the market for transport is not as good as it used to be, so all the ships here are waiting for a job, and the space in front of the beach is the cheapest to park your freight ship.. is that a real word…freight?
IMG_1228On the other side of the beach they park the people…
the next day, i went to see the jungle, because there is a giant-hanging-tree-top-bridge(which was closed the day i went -.- )
IMG_1233 the leaves were giganticIMG_1235 the tracks were extremely muddy (stupid ole, why do you enter the park directly after rainfall?)IMG_1237 the plants were beautiful!IMG_1243 And the climate was so extremely humid, i had to make a tourban, that i did not have a waterfall of sweat dripping in my eyes

do you even want to read this?
i should keep bodily intimacies to myself
IMG_1245 5cm = ~2inches big ants…IMG_1248 Stesen Ranger is Malay(language of Malaysia..) and sounds like Station Ranger.
Why do they write it like that?
They wanted to make sure, it is not the English language (which it is, as Malaysia was an english colony -.-) but their own.

IMG_1253 The first baby monitor lizard i saw (30cm)IMG_1255  some strange ?birds nest…maybe it is made by wasps thoughIMG_1258The lakes in this national park are one of the main water sources of Singapore. They are, aside from some big-leafed algae, really cleanIMG_1257 IMG_1259 IMG_1260The second monitor lizard/goanna (ca. 50cm) IMG_1261 IMG_1262 A tree with green fur, maybe sombody can make a coat out of it and give it to lady Gaga as a christmas present.IMG_1263 The third and biggest monitor Lizard, i understand why they call them dragons.. around 1,2 meters big boy.
It seemed weird, that the lizards became bigger and bigger every time we met one.
(we? yeah i forgot to tell, and make a picture. I met 2 really nice people, on my way, because the bridge was closed, so we continued the hike together…)
IMG_1265 IMG_1266 MONKEYS!!!!!….wait.. BABY MONKEYS!!!!IMG_1268 The cool thing is, that in the contrary to India, these monkeys are really tame and don’t want your food. Feeding the monkeys is strictly prohibited and has a heavy fine…so you come very close to themIMG_1270 If the water was deeper and with a little less leafs in it, this would be my new paradise..but i should not always be so demanding 🙂IMG_1273 The Bipolarity of Singapore: Nature and Men!IMG_1278Me and my host Dieter 🙂IMG_1279


The conclusion:
Singapore is an (European) tamed Asia.
A financial and business Center, where eating vegetarian, is almost impossible. As is seeing the sunset…
Tomorrow i will be on my way to Melakka…i am looking forward to it!
So long

p.s. the best food i had was Laksa soup…and i am so going to learn the recipe 😀


2 thoughts on “goodbye Singapore..

  1. Where in Singapore do you find that gorgeous crystal clear waters? I’ve been many times and never seen it. Makes me want to go.

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