New years eve in Kuala Lumpur



Dear  readers, it was  a long year.
It started and ended with fireworks.
Well for me at least.
I spend less than 3/4 of that year in germany,
While travelling everybody changes, i for example became more quiet and tranquil. It is really easy for me to adapt to different people and cultures, but sometimes there are some things you don’t want to adapt to. That is the priority, don’t break yourself.

I have been told that i am very mature for my age.
Also  i have been told that i am very childish for my age.

I like the thought, that i act like a child and think like a grown up,
there are too many people who do it the other way around.

I finally found work on a boat.
It will be a charter boat that cruises around Lankawi.
Lankawi is a very beautiful group of islands north of Malaysia.
The boat is a traditional style Malaysian freight ship.

the ship

maybe you noticed the german flag, the skipper is a german.
I will be chef (cook) and deckhand and i am so looking forward to it!

My new years eve was really relaxed, cooking awesome food and then watching the fireworks of the balcony. (after all the food nobody dared to go swimming in the pool 😀 )
And  now some (in my opinion) boring pictures of KL
Just for you 🙂
IMG_1372  IMG_1376 IMG_1380 IMG_1384 IMG_1388 IMG_1391 IMG_1392 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1399 IMG_1400 IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1407
Ok i admit, that i actually like the last picture, but the rest is not really creme de la creme.
Making pictures of fireworks is always diffucult, and with a bad camera it is just snapshooting.

anyhow the pictures from the sea will be more interesting i guess 🙂

So long


3 thoughts on “New years eve in Kuala Lumpur

  1. thanks, ole, for the KL-fireworks and all the other pics and comments! And now you have found a boat, even with a german skipper! I hope too you don´t get seasick! Have a good seafaring and good results as a chef! what concerns the foto with dragon: i think it´s Chinatown in KL, and the dragon is a old traditional chinese symbol of happiness? the other foto: … errr…Cow.. bird : this mystery i can´t solve. It seems to me it´s a kind of modern (or very old?) indian “sphinx”. Where have you seen that? In a art museum in KL or in a Hindu-temple?
    Whatever, it´s a interesting sculpture (or painting?) I wonder if someone of your friends knows the answer.
    So long! Once more: have a good time! A happy New Year – kiss!

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