My life on a boat

So my dear readers,
i made it. I am officially a pirate.

Well ok almost, i am a ships cook.
My ship is called “Naga Pelangi” which means Rainbow Dragon in Malay. It is the only “Perahu Besar” (mal.: big boat) based on the ancient cargo boat design but finished to modern yacht standards.

I have to cook lunch and dinner for the guests and us (Christoph the Skipper and Capt’n, Stefan who is another deckhand and me)
The deck: both pctures are shot from the front

In the back there are some solar panels for providing power.

Stefan and meIMG_1457
This is Christoph at work.


I think the coming time will be amazing.
The next 6 days we have 2 guests onboard.
A chinese couple who are good friends of Christoph.
So we are going to sail around Lankawi, thats cool, so i can see some views of the island as well.
I don’t know how my phone will work the networking.
I am not really able to upload pictures (all of these exept the pic of me and stephen are links 😉 ) so i might have to wait until i have wifi somewhere.
but i will write some stuff.

so long Ole 🙂
p.s. ARRRR



4 thoughts on “My life on a boat

  1. Wow! Great! What a beautiful boat! I have seen on the internet other pics of the boat and also the interior.
    The skipper (and owner) Christoph has really an excellent taste! I would like to be much younger and a little bit rich, than I could book the boat and see the wunderful ilands and besides I could bring you the cookery book ! But i´m neither young nor rich, so I can´t do it.
    Be that as it may you will be a good cook, I´m sure. To succes! Have a good time! Hugs!

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