personal thoughts

the chinese couple are gone now.
but another crew member arrived, Ive from switzerland who is  capt’n himself.
but back to food:
day 3:
spaggethi carbonara
rosmary chcken (thank you mom for this recipe)
day 4
cuttlefish with chinese noodles and chicken
steamed fish and hashbrowns
chicken coconut soup (thanks to ludi for this) and pork chops with rice

and then they left.

I work alot here on the ship i am becoming very good at sanding and scrubbing wood.
I read a lot and i become more tanned 😉

But i am more confused about this journey than ever before.
I met many people who traveed because they did not know what the want to do in life.
I knew what i want to do, thats why i wanted to trael now.
But it seems i am loosing myself..or i rediscover myself and this process is confusing me.
I think i will come back to germany as fast as i can without flying 😉
so in the end everything stays as it was (for now)

Also i am not sure if i should write so much in this blog, i mean yes i am happy to make you a part of this journey, but i feel lonly sometimes, and people who read this blog know everything, so they don’t consider writing to me or asking me questions, it all has to come from me…this is sad, because i hope i keep some friends.

I will stay on this boat for another week and then try to get a boat that goes up to thailand.
maybe then i can add some pictures of lankawi.

so long Ole

6 thoughts on “personal thoughts

  1. Hi Ole, thanks for your thoughts! I think it´s good that you “write so much in this blog”. Me and all the people who hear about you are very interested in your news. In this connection: I have to give you very, very cordial regards from many friends (e.g. Eva E.., Meike and Heiko, Christa and Reinhold, Eva B., Marion and Peter, Martin and Annett and other..I can´t think of more now..) All of they admire you ! By the way: I watched “the life of Pi”with Nele . A great movie! Thank you for your recommendation!
    Hold out the hard work on the ship and have fun too! Have your thumbs healed? Think of it: you needn´t work here all your life! It goes away!
    Are the people on the ship pleased with your food? Do you need other recipes?
    Don´t let you make confused! I think it´s ok if you try to loose and to rediscover yourself, but you mustn´t
    lose yourself! (sorry if I misunderstood anything. You know : my english is very bad!) I´m sure you keep many friends. I´m looking forward to next news (and pics).
    So long! Kiss!

  2. Hy Ole, great to keep reading your stories. i am very happy for you. I know sailing and think you must be having a great time. Best of luck for 2013 and look forward to seeing you on your return. Paul Walker

  3. me again! I read you want come back to germany as fast as you can – without flying!. May be it´s a good idea. You are more than full of impressions, thoughts, reflections, excitements, you are confused with all and it´s very difficult (or impossible)- everything to digest while more and more exciting experiences happen permanently ! At least you are in need of a resting place. Where? you could hide in the distillery very calmly ! Why come back without flying ? because of money? (we could send you some money! please signal) or that´s going to be too quickly?
    In any case you could be back on your father´s 50. birthday at the latest. You and your travelog could be the best birthday present.
    Sorry, i write always to much. You have to stop me !

  4. So sailor Ole you have discovered how to be many things and in doing so you have just expanded who you are. Each new place just adds to your memories and experiences which make you ,,you

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