Picture Boatique

hey my my dear readers.
i finally have fast internet to show you some impressions from Naga Pelangi.
We went around the Island Lankawi 🙂

IMG_1440My Kingdom for 10 days IMG_1441my real kingdom for 10 days 🙂

IMG_1458Getting the guests with the dingyIMG_1464 LANKAWI:IMG_1478 IMG_1490 IMG_1511 IMG_1518 IMG_1519 Patriotism in Malaysia 😉IMG_1520 Paradise?IMG_1526 A fresh water lake just 100m from the sea…IMG_1544 Now i stopped working on the Naga and started on the Twizzle:

but later more 😉IMG_1566So long Ole 🙂IMG_1554

3 thoughts on “Picture Boatique

  1. Hi, Ole! How pleasantly to get your impressions ! Thank you so much! It looks very tempting and I´d love to come , but.as I said I´m neither young nor rich enough…….!
    And now Twizzle! Wow, what a super yacht ! It seems me it excels Naga Pelangi even, isn´t? Will you work there as an chef too? However , have a god time and be kept from seasickness and other bad things! Have fun!

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