Phuket, a piece of…

Russia, Italy… this island is made for tourism.

I arrived here 10 days ago and now i am leaving to Chiang Mai.

In Phuket i finished my STCW95 course, which allows me to work on comercial boats (see facebook pictures 🙂 )

I played a lot of didgeridoo.
I was invited to play in front of the school of my Couchsurfing host, in several jam sessions and on a reggae concert.
Thank you Gali for this amazing instrument that will always remind me of Hampi.

I met many very nice people, saw a lot of ladyboys and prostitutes and drove a lot of scooter.
I will post the pictures soon, or at least some…the sand in my camera does not want me to use it anymore, maybe there is a talented guy in bangkok who.can fix it 🙂

one last thing:
i will finally go and stay in a monastery for 10 days in chiang mai, starting monday or tuesday.
–> Don’t worry 😉

so long Ole


2 thoughts on “Phuket, a piece of…

  1. Congratulations on STCW95 course! Now you will retire from the thai tourism. Have good and contemplative days in ChM in a monastery (in one of about 2oo! ), but pleace don´t want to become a monk ( all the girls at home and all over the world would be very sad).
    Be happy and in good health always and everywhere!

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