a Massage Message

My dear readers, in 2 days i finish my last massage Course.
A lot has happened in the last few weeks…well…not really
I massaged and learned a lot, maybe that counts 😉
I went to a workshop and met many cool people

Ok…now you have seen the new format, how do you like the gallery idea? Please give feedback, and yes also you SethSnap and all the other readers i don’t know, because i do know you are reading this…
the one thing i don’t like about the gallery, is that i cannot put a sunset picture in the end…or can i?? (help appreciated 😉 )

More facts:
-i made 20euro in the last 2 days by giving massages and fixing people
-i am getting better and better with the thai language
-i am vegetarian again 🙂
-the veggi food here is amazing!
-i tried insects…not worth it if they are deepfried (ok i know the order is kind of confusing 😀 but we can do this!)
-i am looking forward to learn how to cook some thaifood
-i am also looking forward to the hot springs in Pai
-it is extremely hot during the daytime (~31degrees Celsius)
-it is extremely cold during the night (~20 degrees Celsius)
[ 😛 … no kidding i use a sleeping bag…temperature is relative i guess 😀 ]
-i don’t know any more facts
-i am going to buy postcards 2days after publishing this, so please go over your answers to THIS postcard Quiz and check if you answered ALL 3 questions 😛

Thats it for now, i am always happy for feedback and questions (about the region, the country, me, my trip, you, your trip, god, religion, space ships, dinosaurs, music, …. the sky is the limit! )
so if you read this and have never left a comment on this blog, please do…i won’t bite you 🙂

So long

11 thoughts on “a Massage Message

  1. read your blog,i like the picture gallery and i am also looking forward to see beautiful pictures of Thai girls in next entry….cherrs Adison.

  2. me too, i like the new format of the the picture gallery! great! thank you!! why you cannot put a sunset picture in the end? that´s for now, i´ll write later more.

  3. Ok so how many dinosaurs are in space ships praying while listening to lenny cravitz?
    I am so happy that you are learning so much about life.
    take care

  4. Thailand looks like paradise…. I’ve had enough of India!
    Well done for getting through the course, I tried and its tough.
    Happy travels!

  5. i don´t like being bitten! there fore i´ll write a little once again. you really learned a lot . congratulation on completion the massage course! the pics with cupping-treatment – oje, it lseems a bit creeply; and you felt it good, really? do they use leechs (blutegel) too?
    what you are carrying on the photo? i guess it´s a little tea-?tree? in any case not the money tree!
    wow, you can the thai language , at least a little, super! and you are learning the thai food. i´m looking forward to eat your indian and thai food, that you will make, when you are back in Germany
    what´s the best for you in thailand? and the worst? (except bureaucracy -waiting in the immigration office!?) Could you get the extension of the visa?
    how long will you stay there? what´s on the next?
    please,send us some degrees, we have winter still, not only 20 degrees in the night but also about minus 10! nevertheless all of us hope the spring and warmth is coming soon.
    so, i guess i wrote too much, isn´t?
    greetings and hugs from snowy UM! take care!

  6. Ole, I’m looking forward to learn something about Thai Massage techniques. I once got an Thai massage from a freind of mine. It was good, very intresting and too short 😉 How long was the course? Did you have to learn anatomy? What except for cupping did they do to treat your back?
    I read your blog once in a while but i read every word you wrote. I enjoy hearing from you and I find myself admiring you for what you do. take care and keep on writing!

    • i learned a little about anatomy, but not extremely much, i guess that will be self study 🙂
      They did guasha (scraping), chiropractic and massage… also i did yoga and tai chi 🙂
      I actually have way to many books, so i will scan them and if you want i can send them to you…its just pictures and my scribbles but maybe you can find some stuff from it 🙂

  7. Hi there, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one
    and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam responses?
    If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can advise?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any assistance is very much appreciated.

    • cool that you read my blog 🙂

      My blogprovider (wordpress) has a very good spamfilter, so i don’t really have to deal with all the spam 😉
      but you are right, there is a lot of spam comments!
      which blogprovider do you use? because i have never heard of rediff 🙂

  8. Haii …i’m ika.i really want to learn tairopractic/ chiropractic.how and where i can signup to the course?
    Thank u.
    Best regards,

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