Goodbye ChiangMai, Hello Pai

So yeah, i spend 40 days in Chiang Mai!
Meditating, Massaging, Bone-cracking, Visa-Waiting, Face-rubbing and TokSen-ing (i have no idea how to describe this! Its like hammering a wooden stick on the muscle. Despite the sound of this, it is so relaxing everybody i treated fell asleep 🙂 )

But now its enough, i moved on – to Pai!
And it is very beautiful! The first 2h here i was in awe, moving around with an open mouth and unable to concentrate on finding a place to eat,
then i stopped, but only because it was dark

The road from Chiang Mai to Pai has 762 curves, and i actually got a little sick …maybe it was the food i ate before
So i just drank a lot of water, to get rid of the feeling.
So much that i had to go to the toilet very bad for the second half of the drive 😀 at least i did not think about the curves anymore.

Now i am staying in a really nice place, that has cool bungalows, a pool, free breakfast and a circus school, so maybe i will start learning some firestuff 🙂

Yeah so i am looking forward to bathing in the hot springs, because it gets really cold at night, i am freezing right now…what is this, i cannot wear shorts and tshirt at 10pm? 20degrees? COLD!!

I really like the vegetarian food here, i hope to pick up some nice recipes…maybe if you want i can make a recipe special 🙂

Tipps for visa extension:
Chiang Mai immigration opens at 8am ( be there at 7.00-7.30 because you will wait very long.) and has a lunch break.
I was there at 8.30, and got to the counter at 15.30 :/
so bring time
There is a copyshop w/ picture possibility so don’t worry you just need your passport.


So long Ole
p.s. Answers to the postcard quiz
1)All of the Ladys were boys
2)The pictures showed an Escalator in chinatown…i think it has not been in use for the last 20 years 😀
3) Every Answer was right 😛

p.p.s. I figured something out :


3 thoughts on “Goodbye ChiangMai, Hello Pai

  1. Yeterday was the astronomical beginning of spring: Berlin has 20 cm of snow and its still snowing. The nights are frosty until -15°C. So: don’t you cry about 10°C. I would give a lot for temperatures like that.
    people don’t want to get tanned… awkward and funny. so different! 🙂
    greatings from icy berlin


  2. … wow, we will have a christmas-easter!
    but now cordial greetings from meike and heiko (parents of peppa) they were often in thailand alreadyt and they very like Pai !! all of us wish you a wonderful time here.
    but why are you so cold? do you not can bay a sweater and socks and…..? do you need money?

  3. Yeah I agree you seem pretty spoiled by now! Temperature wise. 😉 Let us know if and if how you celebrate easter down there! And have a great time!

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