Secret Hot Springs and More Pai Adventures

I feel free!
There is no time the gates close, no plans, i can finally do what i want! πŸ™‚

Hang on… i could do that all along πŸ˜€
Well i guess being locked in the massage school after 21.00 was kind of restricting, and now it has to get out!

I rented a scooter and explored the Wilderness around Pai.
There are 2 Hot springs near Pai:
The pay-200baht-ones, and the Off-the-beaten-track-ones where you only pay 20Baht/person and 20B/bike

How to get there?
Drive on the Mae Hong Son road for 11km, enjoy the beauty of the landscape, and when you think you are too far, drive a little more πŸ˜‰
You find the Sign on your right side (see gallery), and then you will have to go through a “rollercoaster-ride”… many many very steep hills.
I was very happy to have a manual bike, and even that couldn’t do every hill with another person on the back πŸ˜€

But the Hot Springs are amazing, the only people there were the harvesting farmers, digging out garlic, salad and other vegetables.
maybe i will go again tomorrow πŸ˜€
On our way back we went to “Mor Pang Waterfall”, which is really cool because the water has polished the stones to water slides!
It’s so much fun!
If you are more into extreme stuff, and have a good aim, you can jump of the high boulder into the pool (it has one deep spot πŸ˜‰ )

This trip was just … just….WoW ! (i am just realizing that wow actually looks like one of these smiley’s (^_^) (T_T) O.o )

And the rest of the evening i just read the first book of the Panem trilogy, and i am almost done with the book πŸ˜€
Also i gave a massage and earned some pocket money…i feel good!!

The only thing i need now is a good party!
Then the rest will settle on its own!


I think i will look for the abandoned guest house soon, and maybe spend a few nights there!

So Long Ole
p.s. i hope you can hold out the freezing temperatures over there!
but perception of temperature is relative…and i have a 20 degree drop every night πŸ˜‰
p.p.s. i totally forgot about easter πŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Secret Hot Springs and More Pai Adventures

  1. great to know your adventure of Pie. some above pictures place looks like my native state of India. But in my own place North-east India bodering with Mayanmar. howva sunset looks preety awasome!! thanks.

  2. thank you, ole for great pics and comments! iΒ΄m glad, that you feel good. go on!
    enjoy further -all the beauty, the nature, the people, the vegatarian food, your little hut, the hot springs -lagoon 45 degree- (i envy you for it !), your company ( probably anyone of they was the “another person on the back” on bike!?) have even better and more beautiful events! i send snow-easter-eggs from germany! we have still minus 10 degrees at night in UM!
    be embraced!

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