Goodbye Thailand – Bangkok never sleeps

My last time in Thailand I spend in Bangkok, after a 10h train ride (which was filled with reading and watching the landscape pass by)

Arriving in Bangkok i immediately went to Khaosan Rd with my CS-host.
….Khaosan is crazy!! Hookers, [a lot of] Ladyboys, loud music, faked passports and a lot of alcohol.
You can be sure every “girl” that shows a lot of skin is probably not a girl…
The next day i, for the first time in my life, went wake boarding.
After about 20 times falling face or ass first in the water, i figured out how to take of.
After 3h of wake boarding i felt really good, exhausted and as i would finally again be sour the next day 😉

In the evening i went to the modern day Bangkok-“Metropolis”
I did not feel like i was in Thailand anymore, but somewhere or should i say some-when in the future.
I bought an Ukulele and a Harmonica, which i already indulged to learn.
And in the evening i found it…i have been looking for it since Mumbai.
A Jazzclub!

Time passed, nights passed, go to bed at 6 in the morning, not knowing  where you will go to bed…Bangkok is indeed a crazy city!
The very last night i spent, dancing like crazy, in an underground DnB-Party @ Democ cafe with amazing DJs (Yaakparty, vivian, and Brwnsugrz)
They powered me to dance for 2h straight, without taking any drugs, not even sugar….believe me that was really good DnB!
(Maybe i was craving for something different then “Gangnam-Style” which they play @ every corner…krai tse roo [who knows])

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then i left.
I miss Thailand already, for the country i was allowed to experience, the people i was allowed to meet, for the things i was allowed to see and the food i was allowed to try.

So Long Ole

I got to know the Thai language pretty well in my time here.
but there is to much to tell you, thats why i will tell you only a few things:
I don’t want – Mai ao
do you think foreign people don’t have a brain – Kun kotoua farang mai mee samong la!
no problem-mai pen rai
i don’t know – mai roo
i don’t understand – mai kow chai

Food: try everything! its all good, stay in a monastery for a few days and try real local food…the more rural you go, the better your experience!

I honestly understand everybody who moves out to live in Thailand, i almost stayed here, but i will definitely come back!


12 thoughts on “Goodbye Thailand – Bangkok never sleeps

  1. Thailand hat dein Leben mächtig geprägt! Land und Leute haben dich sehr bewegt, durch deine Worte und Erzählungen kommt das klar zum Ausdruck! Schön, dass du uns ein wenig daran teilhaben lässt. Ich wünsche dir eine gute Reise nach Kambodscha!=)

  2. I’m glad you liked Thailand

    Bangkok = metropolis = capitalism = consumationism = materialism ≠ Buddhism
    but hold on a sec! Bangkok is in fact another country situated in Thailand where there’s no nationality nor religion.

    Ps. Kun kotoua sounds weird to me. “Kun Kid wa farang mai mee samong la?” makes more sense

    Have a good journey

  3. Good luck with the ukulele! It was the first instrument I learned and it’s pretty fun. If you want to learn guitar later then tune the strings DGBE like the highest 4 strings on a guitar. Then your skills can transfer easily. Peace!

    • hey thx for the nice tip!
      you know a tuning that would work with my D-tune Didge?
      cheers man see you in Canada

  4. motte is absolutly right, i can´t tell it better; but i think, that your experiences in india are formative influences too? i don´t know how to put it in english correctly. hope you understand what i mean.
    in any case: have further so good cognitions and thoughts and pass it on! thank you for it – and for your comments and pics and play ukulele and at all……!
    good luck! be well!

    • India definitely played a big role as well.
      but i spent altogether more time in laos and Thailand, than in India 🙂

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