Kangaroos, Koalas and good news

I made it to the smallest continent.
Yesterday i got Ludi (Kopfspasmen) from the airport, we haven’t seen for more than 1.5 years.
Damn it doesn’t feel that long at all.
We will just go on as if nothing has happened…everything has changed, and everything stayed the same.

I arrived on my birthday, which was 26h long..yay my longest birthday yet.
2 beautiful ladies picked me up and we went to the Mornington peninsular.
The beach is great, the waves big and so much fun.
They totally bashed the glass out of my sun glasses 😀
After the beach we went to the hot springs which i can only recommend..great outlook over the hillsides and great ambiance.
Forgive me, i sound like a traveling catalogue 😀
We went to see kangaroos and in the koala park on Phillips island the next day…we got 1m close to koalas, which was a pretty cool experience.
Fun fact: Koalas have poisonous meat, because they eat eucalyptus leaves all day.
We considered going to the penguin parade, but 22$ was a lot for just watching penguins.
Especially when you can watch them for free on the St. Kilda Pier…yes i forgot my camera..

Now i finally found an apartment, for the next 2 weeks, really cool.
I wrote application letters to half of Melbourne (and we are going to apply to the other half on Monday),.
We have work on a cactus farm which is on a former surface gold mine, maybe we will find some nuggets (wish us luck!)
And we have an invitation of Boinga Bob in Warburton, which is really amazing.

Now we just have to find a cheap car and a well paid job and everything is perfecter 😉

but for now enjoy pictures:

so long Ole


One thought on “Kangaroos, Koalas and good news

  1. i keep my fingers crossed for you (and Ludi) to get a well paid and not dangerous and not so stressful job and to find a cheap car and to find nuggets and – also paid new good sandals! good luck! and thanks for the first beautiful pics from kangaloos, koalas and other Australian impressions!

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