i don’t despise a paradise

oh no i dont!

Ludi and I are enjoying ourselves!
If it is parties in 30 degree nights or acting as movie directors to see the top floor of a skyscraper 🙂
We still don’t have a job, but we are much closer to the farms now.
After an unsatisfying attempt to buy a car,  in which we got double ripped off (by the owner and mechanic) and lost quite some money and gained literally nothing (well maybe some knowledge in how not to buy a car o.O )almost bought a car
That whole car sale thing threw us a little out of it, but now we are back in business!
We are in the tree house paradise of Boinga Bob.
After a beautiful Valentines day, we arrived at Bobs house.
Bob is a world traveler much like me, just 52 years older than myself ( He is 74 😉 )
He has spent his life in Africa, Asia, Alaska and out of the box. He has sailed to england and still knows a surprising amount of German… enough to confuse us and make us laugh 🙂
Here we will help him to bring his house back to life.
The council wants to tear one of his projects down, even though it is one of the valleys main tourist attractions.
Help save Boingas Treehouse! (click!)

We also want to establish a volunteering possibility here, so people can come and help.

So this is where we are going to spend the next week(s) and help a fellow out.

Then we will most likely continue to find work on a nursery or maybe winery in the area.

p.s. check out Ludis blog –> HERE


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