one big country

Australia is so big!
I was very lazy the last month to read what happened to me please read here… >CLICK<
As it is in German, i probably should at least write a little bit of what happened.
One friend of Boinga (the tree house owner) got us to build a fence for her. our first real working experience. She was an amazing cook and a super nice person. We ended up earning 200 unexpected dollar.
That paid for our trip to another voluntary job in the “Victorian Alps”.
We went and helped out at a horseback riding tour for 2 weeks.
It was a cultural experience, on our first day i thought i can ride and then i had to be a cowboy and bring the cattle over into another meadow and my illusions were shattered…well a little the next day it went waay easier and i noticed that my boss was merely testing my riding skills. What a cheeky bugger.
I played cricket for the first time and found out that it is a lot of fun, but even if i get harassed now it seems like a coward-game 😀
You basically never take risks…but it was fun anyhow.
So after 2 weeks of driving jeeps in 4×4 through washed out mountain tracks we are now in Sydney.
We tried some WWOOFing but we fled pretty quickly as the atmosphere was not really nice.
We just bought a car and got loads of free stuff (incl. a gas stove, a guitar and 2 camping chairs) for just 500$ it still has one month of registration. We will probably use it and then sell it for 2000$ or just continue using it.
This seems just fair as we got ripped off in Melbourne.

so long
p.s. i am really lazy in writing blog as you can tell but once i edited my pix i am going to give you a picture “caramblogage”


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