Demolition man in Sydney

Who remembers the 80ies movie Demolition Man with sylvester stallone?
Well i am demolition man, and i get 22.50 Per hour.
Ludo and moi arrived in sydney and finally found a job.
We had a weekend some hours south from sydney in a little surfer town called Mollymook. Where we visited friends of friends.
Huge waves! Seriously 3m high. We did our best to wrestle them down and body surf.  We even snatched a surfboard of a couple of girls to try the real deal.
It ended up to be waay harder than expected.
But after several loads of saltwater, i could stay on it in the vertical position. I have not the slightest idea how people stand up doing it.
But i will try again.
We also went prawn hunting, but we didn’t catch anything.
But it was fun to walk through ankle deep water, with underwater flashlights on sticks in a moonless night.
Ludo wrote a nice article with pictures.
I am pretty exhausted from work, and i cannot stop thinking about whats going on in Europe.
But i am well, with a cheap car and good company.
I will write again, maybe on the weekend.
So long Ole


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