a backpackers life

hey all my readers, how are you?
and who are you?
It would be amazing if everybody who reads this, if i know you or not, leaves a comment saying “i do”.

Anyhow, back to topic, a lot has happened.
We left sydney.
It was a hard decision, should i stay in Sydney with my girlfriend Rose or travel north together with my best friend Ludo.
I decided to go work on a mandarin farm up north.
We took our time and stopped along the way.
We left on the birthday of my little sister, which i forgot.
And i am soo sorry for that.
We stopped and bought a air matrace and a body board for the big waves.
We took some hitchhikers slept in Coffs harbour.
A little town where we met up with a friend from the horseback riding trip.
He made ludo drink the supposedly worst beer in australia.
According to Ludo VB was “shit but not the worst i ever drank, that was some Spanish beer”
Then we continued, we went to a surfing spot called Skennars head, it lays very exposed and has gigantic waves. Also dolfins close to the coast 🙂
Then we went to a fracking protest with people chaining themselves to roadblocks, where i met my good old pirate friend Lev again.
It is scary what rights the mining companies have here in australia, a farmer has no right to the things under ground only above ground. so a mining company can come and drill on his property and there is nothing he can do against it.
We stayed in the camp for 2 days helping out and for the first time in australia we saw alive aboriginal culture…original australian culture…
They told some of their stories, and one of the elders held a touching speech that they are taking responsibility for what is happening with the land. We white people have no idea what is going on around us, he said, it it their responsibility (aboriginal people carry “the law” of the land/the earth) to bring balance.
The next day he left to a big meeting of 500 native australian tribe elders in the middle desert.
We went on to the mandarin farm, what shock was it that the farmer told us we couldn’t start working for another 2 weeks.
Luckily there was a farm job just 12h car ride away… and we were desperate for a job.
SO here we are.
In the middle of nowhere, charters towers is the name of the town, but we live 20km away on a farm. Picking Limes and pruning grape vines.
We already saw a zombie parrot, a baby python, tons of spiders with incredibly strong nets, kangaroos in the morning sun and hunted kangaroos by our farm dog smokey…he never catches any
The money is not very good, but the people are very nice.
I don’t really know what to do next, but our friend from Melbourne knows somebody who is in labour hire/construction in Queensland. I might try to ask him for help.
Also our car registration ends today, but it is a public holyday…no good.
Anyhow my dear readers, i will take care.

If you want to see pictures and videos, please click >HERE<! Ludo writes in german, but he has a computer. Yes my computer is falling apart.
And please write a comment.

so long Ole


7 thoughts on “a backpackers life

  1. Dear Ole, I read all you write! Don’t warry for some trouble! Be creative by finding solutions for all “undelicious” situations! We are all with you. And you know, when you will not resove the problems we are good for help…
    Many kisses from Old Germany

  2. Dear Ole, I didn´t reply a long time, sorry! But you should know I read all you write very interestedly. So I thank you and Ludo for last news and pictures.
    Your life is quite turbulent again and again – unimignable for old people in the country in UM! In comparasion with past other places of your travel I have a feeling that AU is more business, commercial, stressful – more similar to EU and USA? But I may be wrong.
    However you could get some impressions of alive aboriginal culture and saw parrot,
    a baby python, kangaroos etc., super!
    I think picking limes and pruning grape vines isn´t such a bad job, isn´t?
    By the way I agree with Jan completely : “We are all with you. And you know, when you will not resolve the problems we are good for help…”
    A lot of hugs and kiss!
    P.S.: Once more I have to give you greetings from many friends, i don´t want to name all, but I hope someone will send you a reply too! Let´s wait and see!

  3. jetzt klingt es so wie reisealltag, gutes essen ist wichtig und sowieso ich bin immer so gespannt auf deine news, und alle um mich herum lesen mit, wenn ich was erzählen will, heisst es immer, ja hab ich schon gelesen… eure kleinen videos sind besonders toll, so authentische ausschnitte, ich muss schmunzeln, aber beim filme anschauen, kann man auch lecker kochen, oder? girlfriend klingt auch nicht schlecht, toi toi sind die schrammen von den limettenbäumen?

  4. I do! I read all of it. It moves me. Somehow it feels a bit like real TV. Its drawing, entertainig and yet: f***ing amazing, that it is all YOU! Keep on going, my friend, stay healthy and writewritewrite us. The things you learn, would already have been enough for several lifes. *sacred*

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