Hello dear readers,
there is finally a feeling of arrival. Or is it?

As you might have noticed i havent written anything for a loong time.
The last entry was actually a decoy. i wrote it while being at home at my dads place.
But it was the perfect way to surprise my sister and mother for christmas.
I knew that i want to start studying in september, and that i really want to go do that in Zuerich, Switzerland.

So what to do with all that free time?
I noticed that there is so many possibilities, that it become overwhelming.
In the end i started working 40h a week in a company producing 3d printers,
I wasn’t really feeling like home yet though.
That the company sent me to Israel and America (where i spent 3 weeks holidays in Cali, afterwards) did not really help arriving.
After a couple complications and the insight that it is better to live in my own flat than in the guest room at my mothers place, i found a flatshare.
But the whole time in Berlin i felt uprooted and partially estranged.
I was meeting all my friends and it was great to be reunited, but the circles from the past had shifted (as they do) and it felt like i am not really belonging in most of them.
It takes time to integrate, share experiences and somehow build trust.
In some cases i felt like i never left and in others like there was two strangers meeting, who in forgotten times spent time together.
I recognized that my time abroad had changed my personal boundaries, opened a few and closed others.
The winter was gray, wet and cold. There was almost no snow.
I was so grateful that exactly for my birthday there was so much snow that it was enough to build an iglou.
I really enjoyed spending time with my parents, sisters and grandma, especially my grandma 🙂 She is a real special one!
After i came back from the business trips the spring was in full force, which was a blessing as i think i am a sun-addict.
I wonder how i will stand the next winter here.
Because now i am actually in Zurich.
I stopped working in the 3d printer company. Being there was so interesting, i had an insight into real engineering of the future. I saw the rise of a startup in almost a clichee kind of way. You could have thought they just made a movie out of it and called it “Jobs”
Then i learned for the university entrance exam, which was hard.
After 3 years of not sitting on a school bench i had to look into my old folders again.
I felt completely lost. i could not even recognize my own handwriting.
Who finished this test, who calculated this exercise? my mind was blank.
It felt hopeless, where to start. After 3 weeks i learned enough of the math basics to start with physics.
However big my anticipation of the exams, i seemed to have done good enough, as i passed and started university a week ago.
Being in University is exactly what i was craving. The ETH in Zurich is a established technical university and it feels a bit like being back in school.
Great! A place where i go and people teach me stuff, i don’t even have to ask them to do it… i really missed that.
My expectations have so far been exceeded, but it is the first week and the level will definitely increase, only 45% pass the first year.

Anyhow i decided to write this blog-post, because i felt you faithful readers deserve a proper ending of this story.
When i arrived in Germany i was so happy not to write blog anymore, i could just be in the moment and if i did not take a camera with me then that was okay, because there was nobody to take pictures for.

I hope you guys are all doing well

I am so happy to announce that i found a home to grow roots. Its beautiful, a big garden, a meadow with sheep, a lake very close and its still only 15min away from Zürich. And best of all i have amazing house mates. It makes me really happy to walk down the street and see the house that i will call my home for (at least) the next 3 years.
So long
Ole Mueller
(to be continued?)

2 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Nice to hear from you after a long time mate and thanks for updating about what you have been doing.Once I thought that you would never write blog anymore. So You gonna stay in Switzerland for the next three years? Great! So happy for you that study again,I wish you success in future! …well I guess in Swizerland there must be lot of green valley mountain? would like to see there pictures too! please take one camera with you so that you snap the scene and show us next time here in your blog….Adison greeting from Tripura,India.

  2. Thank you, dear grandson! I´m so proud of you.I wish you to be into the 45% pass the first year!
    If no, I´m sure you will find a other way – and you should know: you can find a home in Sf all the time! kiss!

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