Sleeping, my first CouchSurfing and the russian Border

My 1. Night.
Dogs in the morning+Trucks in the night = almost no sleep

Sleepy after the 2nd night, place was way better even though it was right next to the highway. But the problem was that i had no water left, and was thirsty the whole night…well i survived it as you can see!

This is Anya, my first couchsurfing host.
You might remember yesterday, when i said i found somebody for the night…that was her, but i had to get to her house.
She wrote me a description for the way, but i did not think about asking her for the real address, i just knew i had to get out in Novosvetlovka at the Church.
When i arrived it was 22:00 o`clock and i had no idea where to go.
But suddenly 3 20yearoldes arrived and one eventually spoke a littlebit english.
So i asked them if the know somebody in this village with the name of Alina or Anna because i forgot her Name (really embarassing i know)
After some phone calls they brought me to Anya…i made it somehow.
And then it was paradise: A warm meal (if you have not eaten something warm for 6 days, you will know how i felt :)), chinese Orloong,  a bathtub full of hot water and a real bed.. Perfect
I can only recommend travelling to lugansk 🙂

Well Anyas parents brought me almost to the russian border and i could almost smell russian Air (i left ukraine) but i had no russian transit Visa…
Then i spent 3hours in the back-office of the border guards.
Fighting my way through bureaucracy with half broken Russian-englisch and a russian-german Dictionary from my Grandma (danke nochmal dafuer, das war meine Rettung, weil Bezirksamt haette ich einfach nicht auf russisch gewusst)
After 3 hours they told me i have to go to the Consul in Charkiv or Kiev to get a visa… well yeah.
So i took the bus back to Lugansk…where i am now…in the same internet cafee as yesterday, and wait for my train to arrive (i have to wait 6h) … yeah but i already found a chinese guy who studies spanish and russian here in lugansk, and we`ll travel together 🙂
so everything might turn out well!

So long Ole