Water! – Mekong and Buddist New Year

Wow the last few days were so rich of events…could you even say that? “rich of” or “poor of” events? Anyhow you get the point, i crossed the Thai-Laos boarder, i slept i a dodgy guesthouse in a boarder town (Muang Ngoen…or something like this 😀 from Nan to Pakbeng)…had a amazing busride through the mountains of northern laos, saw a lot of burned hill sides, took a very old looking ferry over the Mekong and spend the night in Pakbeng…a very strange place.
I arrived around 2pm and the little town or big village was like a ghost town…almost nobody was around all the restaurants seemed pointless, as they were closed anyhow…but the boats arrived at 6 and it broke loose a massive change in the village.
It was a strange experience to see the 2 faces of such a touristic place.
But i can not say this often enough:
I can totally understand all the tourists, as i am one myself, because it is really beautiful! The only important thing is the mentality of the tourists. Do they try to adapt to the country they are in, or if they are bringing their own country with them.

The Next day i took a “slow” boat to Luang Prabang for the buddhist new year celebration.
The Mekong is amazingly beautiful…white sand beaches next to the river, lush jungle behind it and sparkles of bamboo huts that simmer through the leaves. And the traditional long fisher boats…WOW
The only downpoint is all the trash that floats in the middle…styrofoam, plastic, burned woods from all the forest fires (which i still haven’t decided if i can like them or not 🙂 ) and other unidentifiable stuff…that makes me not take a bath on one of these beaches 😉

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When we finally arrived after 7h sitting on the floor in the back (i don’t know what crazy voice in my head told me that i will be more relaxed in the back than on the comfortable seat i was sitting on first 😀 )
There was a big confusion, because instead of taking us to Luang Prabang they took us to a station about 5km before…obviously they had some kind of deal with the TukTuk drivers 🙂 tss..
Ole decided to walk…after 5 minutes a i was able to hitchhike…sometimes you just have to take a dare.
While sitting on the back of the Pickup i had the first experience why the New Year here is called water festival 😀
My driver stopped at every place on the street with people standing and the soaked me completely 😀
It was such a nice and liberating feeling. Everybody was smiling and dancing on the street…and it still continues…loud musik everywhere, lots of beer, water and foodcolor 😀 but please, see for yourself 😉

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I decided not to write anything about my plans anymore, because everytime i do that, something happens, that makes me change them completely! 😀 Which is not necessarily a bad thing…
“If you want to make destiny laugh, tell it your plans”

So Long Ole

p.s. i am so sorry for the felt 100pictures, but i just could not decide which one i did not want to share with you 🙂

p.p.s. As always, thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment and ask crazy questions, i don’t bite (at least not if i don’t know you that well 😉 )

Mumbai and London, Fish and Shoes, Kids and City Trains

So have been in Mumbai for 5 days, checking out my possibilities to work on a cargo ship.
It is not going to happen, yet.
I need more time for getting my seaman’s passport or CDC,  in order to legally work on any commercial vessel.
So i am going to postpone this either to Singapore or Thailand.

Tomorrow i am leaving mumbai and go to chennai because the chance of catching a private vessel is much higher, and also the distance is not as far if i have to pay for a passenger boat.

But this is trouble for next time.

From Gokarna i took the bus to Goa, where i wanted to meet some friends, but i couldn’t find a host near them, so i spend a night with another CS host in Mapusa.
From there i took the train in general Class to Mumbai

On the station i met a baba with the name of Anand, who walked barefoot for the last 8 years, he was really nice, invited me for a tea, and even tried to organize me a seat in Sleeper class.
Which did not work out…

IMG_093110 h drive..in this! Luckily i found a seat, BEFORE it was crowded.

Then i arrived at Thomas house.
IMG_0998(i seriously need to shave 😉 )
He has a big house and hosts a lot of couchsurfers, pretty cool guy!

Mumbai looks like i imagine London to be (i have not been there, but some english people agreed with me) pretty clean for indian standards, bus and train system…
Probably because it is the biggest harbour of India, and has a lot of victorian style buildings.



When i was wandering around in the city i found myself in funny situations a few times.


The kids gang, we played football together and i taught them a little bit beatboxing, in exchange, they took me to the Gate of India

on the way, we passed through a market…a little macabre for western standards, but the meat is fresh, which is not always the case here in india. (I don’t care anymore as i became vegetarian in Dharamsala)
IMG_0950The Gateway of India, very impressive building, but a lot of people!


When we had the quiz some people did not recognize the color of my shoes anymore, so i went to one of the cleaners

IMG_0965and now they are shiny again 😉IMG_0966

Another funny thing happened to me, i followed my nose and came here:

IMG_0979The Mumbai fish market…well one of themIMG_0977IMG_0981IMG_0988IMG_0986IMG_0983IMG_0982IMG_0991IMG_0989

In India, it is funny, that whenever you leave the tourist trails, people handle you in a completely different more heartwarming way.
They are not used to white people most of the time.
And the people here are happy to see, that i am interested in them.

The city trains here a packed.
Mumbai only has 19 million inhabitants (New Delhi has 27 million) but Mumbai has less space, so it is way more crowded…in the trains.
IMG_0968The doors remain open during the drive, because sometimes you have to get out before the train stops in order to get out at all…
IMG_0938and if the train is to full, you can grab on to somebody 😉
IMG_0967IMG_0970But if the train is full, the normally have a good time together…

And one last thing happened on my daily sunset hunt, i was following the view, when i was in a slum all of the sudden.
Small indian children who have never seen somebody like my…
“who is scared of the white man?”
But in the end i could convince that i don’t bite and even the most afraid ones shook my hand 🙂
IMG_0996So long Ole

P.s. i think it is awesome that people read this, who i have never ever seen in my life.
If you do don’t be afraid to comment, or take part in the quiz…
if you have questions, i will gladly answer them.
This goes out to everybody of course 🙂https://i1.wp.com/distilleryimage11.s3.amazonaws.com/63bee9263af011e2854522000a1f9e45_7.jpg