manali? amazing!

Manali is a beautiful place!

The Mountains are amazing! and the food is tasty.
The park in manali looks like k\cut out of Lord of the rings

There are Marijuana plants on every corner, and a lot of Hippies and Baba’s (Indian Holy who is allowed to smoke Changa)…i wonder why.

I guess that this is why there are so many tourists…

My further plan is to leave manali next week. I asked a friend for work and he tries to organize something.
Working in india…i am exited.

What else can i tell?

It i strange how fast time goes by…i started travelling almost 2 month ago…it does not feel like it!
Some impressions from manali:

Indian Barbwirethe best chocolat-cookies in Manali and probably the whole wide world…i will investigate @dylans cafe
Wool shop…so comfortablemore monkeys..i really love the monkeys
but they are pretty scary if you walk home at night 🙂the amazing tree in the amazing parkprayer mills in Tibetan exile monasterythe rainbow cave
(i went there today)at the cave there was an even more amazing tree!sheep at the waterfalldouble rainbow
I promised you pictures, and i hope these are what you expected

I am looking forward to work and i will definitely share my experiences on the Indian job market

So long Ole 🙂