my last post was more than a month ago.
Wow, and i promised my family to write at least one per month…tsktsk OleOleOle…
I really do not enjoy writing blog on my phone though, so please forgive me 🙂

I wanted to hitchhike from the farm to Cairns, to find a job there.
But on my last day we went to the river nearby and i fell in love.
I decided to stay there for 3 days on my own in stead. It was delightful, the occasional pickup or quad driving by (it was the weekend) was little disturbance to the serenity.
It was good to be on my own again, after almost a year constantly together with other people this was the first time i was really on my own again, just for 3 days but still.
First the ship and then Ludo.
After 3 days we had a big goodbye dinner with everybody from the farm, and me and ludo left for Cairns.
Ludo also had a little disagreement with the owner of the farm about how to treat workers so we kind of had to leave 🙂

We stopped on the way to meet 2 German friends of ours and swam in a jellyfish proof ocean net. It felt like going into a swimming pool (20m by 20m), the whole benefit of the ocean was suddenly gone…well at least there was no poisonous stingers.

Next stop Cairns, camping is not allowed in the whole of Queensland (the state we are now in) so to sleep we always drove way out of town to find a hiding spot.
We did not make the mistake to park in a driveway anymore.
Our first night was abruptly ended when the farmer honked and asked us what we were doing, me still half asleep told him some story that we were lost on our way to look for a banana farm which settled him. I even asked him for a job 😉
So we found another great sleeping spot past the airport (-16.871436, 145.731880 google maps)
Once again we were hunting for jobs, and most of you already know what followed, we became Ricksha drivers, or how they call them here Pedicabs.
Also i took my first nickname ever “Red”.
It was pretty amazing, i dressed up as the pirate “Red Ryder”, and played my favorite music all night. I had a party, listed to music, worked my body and got money for that. Great!
I mean the disadvantages were that i started work at 6pm and stopped at 6am so i kind of became a vampire, i did not know what the weather during the day was because i slept at least till 4pm. Also i did not see anything in Cairns, that you could not see during the night. I enjoyed it anyhow.
But people in Cairns now know me only as Red, which was a pretty trippy feeling.
Even Ludo started calling me Red, i did not call him Blue.
I made a relatively good amount of money, enough to afford a flight to Sydney to see Rose again.
That’s where i am right now.
I let ludo travel alone for a while. I really enjoyed the time with somebody from home, but it was weird too. Both of us kind of associated the other with the person from our memories, but it seems people change over time.
I wonder how people are going to see me when i come home, should i keep the nickname?
I think i am going to stay with Olé.
I love you guys, thank you for all the comments.


So now i am in Sydney again and am planning to make my way back north again, with Rose this time.
And i will try to write more regularly.
So Long
Your Ole

a backpackers life

hey all my readers, how are you?
and who are you?
It would be amazing if everybody who reads this, if i know you or not, leaves a comment saying “i do”.

Anyhow, back to topic, a lot has happened.
We left sydney.
It was a hard decision, should i stay in Sydney with my girlfriend Rose or travel north together with my best friend Ludo.
I decided to go work on a mandarin farm up north.
We took our time and stopped along the way.
We left on the birthday of my little sister, which i forgot.
And i am soo sorry for that.
We stopped and bought a air matrace and a body board for the big waves.
We took some hitchhikers slept in Coffs harbour.
A little town where we met up with a friend from the horseback riding trip.
He made ludo drink the supposedly worst beer in australia.
According to Ludo VB was “shit but not the worst i ever drank, that was some Spanish beer”
Then we continued, we went to a surfing spot called Skennars head, it lays very exposed and has gigantic waves. Also dolfins close to the coast 🙂
Then we went to a fracking protest with people chaining themselves to roadblocks, where i met my good old pirate friend Lev again.
It is scary what rights the mining companies have here in australia, a farmer has no right to the things under ground only above ground. so a mining company can come and drill on his property and there is nothing he can do against it.
We stayed in the camp for 2 days helping out and for the first time in australia we saw alive aboriginal culture…original australian culture…
They told some of their stories, and one of the elders held a touching speech that they are taking responsibility for what is happening with the land. We white people have no idea what is going on around us, he said, it it their responsibility (aboriginal people carry “the law” of the land/the earth) to bring balance.
The next day he left to a big meeting of 500 native australian tribe elders in the middle desert.
We went on to the mandarin farm, what shock was it that the farmer told us we couldn’t start working for another 2 weeks.
Luckily there was a farm job just 12h car ride away… and we were desperate for a job.
SO here we are.
In the middle of nowhere, charters towers is the name of the town, but we live 20km away on a farm. Picking Limes and pruning grape vines.
We already saw a zombie parrot, a baby python, tons of spiders with incredibly strong nets, kangaroos in the morning sun and hunted kangaroos by our farm dog smokey…he never catches any
The money is not very good, but the people are very nice.
I don’t really know what to do next, but our friend from Melbourne knows somebody who is in labour hire/construction in Queensland. I might try to ask him for help.
Also our car registration ends today, but it is a public holyday…no good.
Anyhow my dear readers, i will take care.

If you want to see pictures and videos, please click >HERE<! Ludo writes in german, but he has a computer. Yes my computer is falling apart.
And please write a comment.

so long Ole

one big country

Australia is so big!
I was very lazy the last month to read what happened to me please read here… >CLICK<
As it is in German, i probably should at least write a little bit of what happened.
One friend of Boinga (the tree house owner) got us to build a fence for her. our first real working experience. She was an amazing cook and a super nice person. We ended up earning 200 unexpected dollar.
That paid for our trip to another voluntary job in the “Victorian Alps”.
We went and helped out at a horseback riding tour for 2 weeks.
It was a cultural experience, on our first day i thought i can ride and then i had to be a cowboy and bring the cattle over into another meadow and my illusions were shattered…well a little the next day it went waay easier and i noticed that my boss was merely testing my riding skills. What a cheeky bugger.
I played cricket for the first time and found out that it is a lot of fun, but even if i get harassed now it seems like a coward-game 😀
You basically never take risks…but it was fun anyhow.
So after 2 weeks of driving jeeps in 4×4 through washed out mountain tracks we are now in Sydney.
We tried some WWOOFing but we fled pretty quickly as the atmosphere was not really nice.
We just bought a car and got loads of free stuff (incl. a gas stove, a guitar and 2 camping chairs) for just 500$ it still has one month of registration. We will probably use it and then sell it for 2000$ or just continue using it.
This seems just fair as we got ripped off in Melbourne.

so long
p.s. i am really lazy in writing blog as you can tell but once i edited my pix i am going to give you a picture “caramblogage”

i don’t despise a paradise

oh no i dont!

Ludi and I are enjoying ourselves!
If it is parties in 30 degree nights or acting as movie directors to see the top floor of a skyscraper 🙂
We still don’t have a job, but we are much closer to the farms now.
After an unsatisfying attempt to buy a car,  in which we got double ripped off (by the owner and mechanic) and lost quite some money and gained literally nothing (well maybe some knowledge in how not to buy a car o.O )almost bought a car
That whole car sale thing threw us a little out of it, but now we are back in business!
We are in the tree house paradise of Boinga Bob.
After a beautiful Valentines day, we arrived at Bobs house.
Bob is a world traveler much like me, just 52 years older than myself ( He is 74 😉 )
He has spent his life in Africa, Asia, Alaska and out of the box. He has sailed to england and still knows a surprising amount of German… enough to confuse us and make us laugh 🙂
Here we will help him to bring his house back to life.
The council wants to tear one of his projects down, even though it is one of the valleys main tourist attractions.
Help save Boingas Treehouse! (click!)

We also want to establish a volunteering possibility here, so people can come and help.

So this is where we are going to spend the next week(s) and help a fellow out.

Then we will most likely continue to find work on a nursery or maybe winery in the area.

p.s. check out Ludis blog –> HERE

Kangaroos, Koalas and good news

I made it to the smallest continent.
Yesterday i got Ludi (Kopfspasmen) from the airport, we haven’t seen for more than 1.5 years.
Damn it doesn’t feel that long at all.
We will just go on as if nothing has happened…everything has changed, and everything stayed the same.

I arrived on my birthday, which was 26h long..yay my longest birthday yet.
2 beautiful ladies picked me up and we went to the Mornington peninsular.
The beach is great, the waves big and so much fun.
They totally bashed the glass out of my sun glasses 😀
After the beach we went to the hot springs which i can only recommend..great outlook over the hillsides and great ambiance.
Forgive me, i sound like a traveling catalogue 😀
We went to see kangaroos and in the koala park on Phillips island the next day…we got 1m close to koalas, which was a pretty cool experience.
Fun fact: Koalas have poisonous meat, because they eat eucalyptus leaves all day.
We considered going to the penguin parade, but 22$ was a lot for just watching penguins.
Especially when you can watch them for free on the St. Kilda Pier…yes i forgot my camera..

Now i finally found an apartment, for the next 2 weeks, really cool.
I wrote application letters to half of Melbourne (and we are going to apply to the other half on Monday),.
We have work on a cactus farm which is on a former surface gold mine, maybe we will find some nuggets (wish us luck!)
And we have an invitation of Boinga Bob in Warburton, which is really amazing.

Now we just have to find a cheap car and a well paid job and everything is perfecter 😉

but for now enjoy pictures:

so long Ole

Hobbit land

The time has come to leave New Zealand.
i had to push my flight to the 28th, because the Australian visa required me to make a spontaneous chest X-ray, as i have been out of Germany for more than 3 month…oh well.
Now i will be leaving Infinity on my birthday, leaving all my friends of the last 7.5 month behind and starting a new life. What could be more fitting on a birthday than a rebirth 🙂

I have spent the last 1.5 month in one of the most beautiful places in the world without even noticing, because i have been helping aboard the ship.
I did however do a few little trips venturing out of Auckland.
New Zealand basically looks like “Lord of the Rings” everywhere. The strange trees and plants that seem so fantasy-like in the movies are completely normal here.
I will come back here…one day, the south island is just to beautiful to miss out on it.

I feel weird leaving the boat, going into the unknown again, it is a strange feeling, but Australia is going to be amazing…

So enjoy your day, stay curious and look at the pictures 😉

so long ole 🙂

happy new year!

2013 was a cool year!
It started with the sea and ended with it.
Thank you for being such nice readers and comment writers.

The last year was divided in two:
First the journey through S.E. Asia on and off the beaten tracks. Backpacking culture, Temples, Meditation, Parties, Massage, Jungle, Tourism, Buddhism, Water fights and Dragon boats.

And second the journey with “Infinity” over the Pacific Ocean from the Philippines to New Zealand.
Water, Water, Island, Corals, Water, Sharks, Turtles, Water, Storm, Rain, Sails, Fish, No internet, Meditation, Work, learning, Community, Culture, a journey back in time, Alienation and Discovery

It was a strange experience to arrive in Auckland after 2 weeks at sea, and 6 month on the pacific. It felt like we had arrived on another planet. Silver skyscrapers, lights, a clean city with no holes in the spotless roads, anonymous people walking from shop to shop (it was Christmas time after all) it felt like one year ago, when i arrived in Singapore.
Reverse culture shock, thats what my exchange organization called it when an exchange student feels alienated by his/her home country.

I feel stressed, but not in this particular moment…not at all i am relaxing in the Kiwi-countryside and have a lot of fun.
I spent my new years eve on a Hot Water beach. Digging my own geothermal bathtub.
No i feel stressed by what i have seen, heard and experienced.
Destruction, clear cuts of rain forests, an ocean wiped clean of fish, cultures being poisoned by money and media, dying corals,
violence, climate change, exploitation and poverty.
Problems that everybody has heard of before.
Problems that everybody knows are severe.
Problems that nobody wants to be true.

And so they just become surreal things, because we cannot see them in Europe as extreme as in other parts of the world.
I feel stressed because i know we have to act fast, but nobody wants to.

I have to say, that i quite like my life as vagabond, pirate or whatever you want to call me. But i feel like i am sitting on hot coals.
It is the same feeling i had before in Thailand but even more severe this time.
I feel like i will stop/pause my journey soon to learn some skills, in the institution called university, before i become to alienated for studying 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful year 2014!!