Familie, Religion und Cetera

I am sitting in the Bus to Dharamsala, where i am hopefully allowed to study at Sara School Tibetan College. I will study Meditation and Tibetan language for one month.
I probably won’t write during this time so don’t worry 🙂

I stayed at Jyoti’s wonderful family for 5 days.
And i think if you cut aside the circumstances like a native kitchen, different food, arranged marriage etc. Then a family is the same all over the world.
A mother loves her children.
Siblings fight, but are making it up a few minutes later
Mothers berate their kids if they are dressed to cold and everybody loves to laugh.
Yesterday Meena (jyoti’s wife) taught me how to make chapati (the traditional indian bread) and i will definitely try this at home.
I taught them german card games…poor exchange i know 😉

I cannot find a proper transition to the next topic therefore:
Hinduism is a very complex religion. There are so many gods and godesses that even indians don’t know all of them.
Some people are following only one of the many gods, others just accept the situation as a whole.
There are so many temples, some very small, some gigantic.
Some have a employee who gives you a sign of luck (a red thumb print on the forehead) after you donate some money.
Not to be confused with the red Bindi of married woman.
Some temples even have a baba (wise man and/or mendicant who is dressed in orange) or maybe some baba’s have a temple.
Yesterday Vicky, Meena and I went to see a very old Baba (supposedly 135 but at least 120 years old) he gave away some sweet rice with fruits.
(the baba i met in manaly also gave away free candy)
Then if you want you can ask him a question, which he doesn’t always answer, but i apparently have a “lucky face” as everybody told me here.
It is in fact so lucky i got to try guava for the first time in my life…

In general i can say India is, just like Ukraine, very hopitable. People invite for food, so i almost feel bad accepting it. But in a difference to Ukraine, the people are in general way poorer. And where there is decay in Ukraine, there are building sites in India. Everywhere are busy people.
The buildings partially look horrible, but they are used frequently. And new ones are growing everywhere, even in the most remote villages.

So long Ole