Survival of the fittest

I am tired.
Not only in a literal sense, but in an emotional sense.
Australia is tiring me. Or i should say sydney is tiring me.
It is a great place to make money, but it is like a dark abyss, where when once caught it keeps you in.
That might be just slightly exaggerated.
I feel like i am having a normal life at the moment.
I feel like the splendor of past days has… well passed.
Working like a dog.
Every day I wake up in the morning walk along the beach to work. As a cook in a cute little beach cafe at Tamarama Beach. I work for 8-9 h and walk back home.
It is a simple life, nothing fancy. Sleep, work, sleep.
I get great food and my workmates are nice and money is good so that i am planning to go to Thailand soon. 🙂
My car is going to be sold and i will be a free spirit once again 🙂

No pain no gain, or so they say.
My neck is healing well, it is annoying, but not painful.

Actually i am pretty good.
Every day i see the surfers chillin on the swell, i walk to work on the beautiful coastal walk.
and i get to make nice food for people while saving money.
I have been invited to go surfing once my neckbrace is off, lets say what the doctor says.
On wednesday i will see him, and hopefully take it off for good!
I am investing my time… i learn a lot about kitchens, and business, it is very interesting, but work is exhausting at the moment.
I think i miss that counterbalance.
I am living together with 3 chilean guys, but they havent been home because it was chilean national day, and they have been out partying all night 😀
I am looking forward to the next week.
So long

Kangaroos, Koalas and good news

I made it to the smallest continent.
Yesterday i got Ludi (Kopfspasmen) from the airport, we haven’t seen for more than 1.5 years.
Damn it doesn’t feel that long at all.
We will just go on as if nothing has happened…everything has changed, and everything stayed the same.

I arrived on my birthday, which was 26h long..yay my longest birthday yet.
2 beautiful ladies picked me up and we went to the Mornington peninsular.
The beach is great, the waves big and so much fun.
They totally bashed the glass out of my sun glasses 😀
After the beach we went to the hot springs which i can only recommend..great outlook over the hillsides and great ambiance.
Forgive me, i sound like a traveling catalogue 😀
We went to see kangaroos and in the koala park on Phillips island the next day…we got 1m close to koalas, which was a pretty cool experience.
Fun fact: Koalas have poisonous meat, because they eat eucalyptus leaves all day.
We considered going to the penguin parade, but 22$ was a lot for just watching penguins.
Especially when you can watch them for free on the St. Kilda Pier…yes i forgot my camera..

Now i finally found an apartment, for the next 2 weeks, really cool.
I wrote application letters to half of Melbourne (and we are going to apply to the other half on Monday),.
We have work on a cactus farm which is on a former surface gold mine, maybe we will find some nuggets (wish us luck!)
And we have an invitation of Boinga Bob in Warburton, which is really amazing.

Now we just have to find a cheap car and a well paid job and everything is perfecter 😉

but for now enjoy pictures:

so long Ole

Hobbit land

The time has come to leave New Zealand.
i had to push my flight to the 28th, because the Australian visa required me to make a spontaneous chest X-ray, as i have been out of Germany for more than 3 month…oh well.
Now i will be leaving Infinity on my birthday, leaving all my friends of the last 7.5 month behind and starting a new life. What could be more fitting on a birthday than a rebirth 🙂

I have spent the last 1.5 month in one of the most beautiful places in the world without even noticing, because i have been helping aboard the ship.
I did however do a few little trips venturing out of Auckland.
New Zealand basically looks like “Lord of the Rings” everywhere. The strange trees and plants that seem so fantasy-like in the movies are completely normal here.
I will come back here…one day, the south island is just to beautiful to miss out on it.

I feel weird leaving the boat, going into the unknown again, it is a strange feeling, but Australia is going to be amazing…

So enjoy your day, stay curious and look at the pictures 😉

so long ole 🙂

the silence before the storm

Hello Everybody,
i kept telling me that i should write something again, but as always in moments like this, watching an episode of “Game of Thrones” is way more relaxing than writing a blog entry 😉
Ok quick update: I left Vietnam.
I am in the Philippines now, on the Island of Cebu. ‘
Doing a refit on a boat called Infinity.
I met Clemens, our captain, in Phuket for the first time, we decided to meet again here.
Some Pictures of the recent past:


I will stay on this boat till New Zealand (yeehaa!) and I will learn how to dive and do open ocean sailing (double or maybe even a triple yeehaa)
Obviously we stop in all the small little island in the middle 🙂
I feel super good here.
After the long period of idleness, i feel so good to work and create something. Also after the whole “3-week-maximum” of knowing people having a relatively constant crew for the next few month feels very relaxing. Its almost like having a family, because the 3 children (1, 2 and 13) of Clemens are also aboard.
I am very looking forward to the trip to Palau.
In a few days we will make a short break of the whole messy ship (construction sites everywhere) and do a trip to the whale sharks in the south of the island. I am exited!!
So Long
p.s. i am very sorry for this basic, short blog post, but after working every day (our Filipino workers come at 7am) i am quite tired, and happy i wrote this little piece 😉

Daywork on a Superyacht

how do you get a job on a Luxus yacht?

you go to the jetty of your choice,
you post a poster saying that you look for a ride to thailand,
speak to the first person you see about the weather and your plans
–> TADAA, you accidentially got yourself a wellpaid job on a boat for a few days 🙂 IMG_1566The Twizzle

Daywork means that you work on the boat from 8am-5pm and then go home again. I found the work surprisingly nice, even though it was just cleaning the engine room.

I got friends with the chef, and he packed some food for me (watermelons, coconuts, cookies etc) i got to try black caviar, which they would have thrown away otherwise…a 300$ pack o.O
And also with the chief engineer, who really liked my work. He wants to get a german 2nd engineer now, because of the german efficiency 😀

Now i am in Penang to get the Thaivisa, from here i will probably take the bus to phuket, as there seem to be no ships willing to take me there :/ anyhow, i am looking forward to Thailand.

so long ole


Picture Boatique

hey my my dear readers.
i finally have fast internet to show you some impressions from Naga Pelangi.
We went around the Island Lankawi 🙂

IMG_1440My Kingdom for 10 days IMG_1441my real kingdom for 10 days 🙂

IMG_1458Getting the guests with the dingyIMG_1464 LANKAWI:IMG_1478 IMG_1490 IMG_1511 IMG_1518 IMG_1519 Patriotism in Malaysia 😉IMG_1520 Paradise?IMG_1526 A fresh water lake just 100m from the sea…IMG_1544 Now i stopped working on the Naga and started on the Twizzle:

but later more 😉IMG_1566So long Ole 🙂IMG_1554