2nd Jubilee at a beautiful beach

Dear readers,
i live right by the best beach of Sydney, it is incredible. Coogee for the win!
Even though the job market is slowing down i enjoy the immense beauty of my surroundings.
I am going to stay here until the 3rd of August and then a couple weeks later hopefully get a job as a chef on daydream island, hold your fingers crossed for me 🙂

I cannot believe, that ii have been gone for more than 2 years now!
It is crazy it passed like a storm.
So many experiences, so many emotions, so many impressions, so many people
And as i said before i do not regret anything.
It has been a great ride and i am sure that my journey will continue to enrich me and hopefully other people as well…whether i am traveling or not.
I am looking forward to coming back to my birthplace, my homebase. I am anxious that people “don’t get me”, but i guess i just need to train my communication skills for that 🙂
But while traveling i must say i think i found the home in me.
That’s what i think is the significance of being uprooted for such a long time. You loose the attachment to your conditioned values, and you learn to love the whole.
I am not saying you have to be uprooted to find that, it might just be easier to find.
You see that things are evenly beautiful, evenly problematic, it is the same joy or despair wherever you go. My father always used to say: “The sum of all problems is always equal”
You are not attached to your ways of thinking as the only ones, there are 7 billion people on this planet and everybody has their own little bubble. Who am i to claim the only truth.
I am extremely grateful, that i am able to travel for such a long time.
There is not may people who travel that long or CAN travel that long for that matter…i think it is extremely giving to travel and it would be a great world if everybody would travel at least once in their life.

Okay enough cheesy thoughts
This Sunday i went to a Nigerian church. Last Sunday i told you i went dancing and in the bus back i met Victor a Nigerian petroleum engineer who invited me to this very cultural experience. It was a lot of fun.
I was the only white person in the room and attracted the attention of all the 2-4 year old 😀
It is crazy how there is a special Australian-Nigerian partnership program…Nigeria has the 3rd biggest Crude Oil reserve in the world.
It would seem as if Australia is doing some public relations here…

I found a little hideout in a teatree forest.
While meditating there an opossum came close to me it looked and came closer. Up to 1 meter!!
It was gone when i came back with an apple and banana.

So long Ole
p.s. i wanted to write earlier, but my phone doesn’t like the wordpress app…it crashed 3 times!


5 thoughts on “2nd Jubilee at a beautiful beach

  1. great to hear that you spent almost two years on travelling. This is incredible and inspiring for others too. You are a lucky man!!! take care.

  2. Gongrats for finding the home in you Ole. That`s what I have tried for some years now, and I am not there yet. Would be great to meet again and to get to know you all over… Enjoy you journey! Anne

  3. Hi Ole, i get a mail from our friend Antoine, which wrote me he is proud of my grandson everytime he reads your blog – I´m proud of my grandson too! Congratulations on 2nd jubilee and – on finding the home in you! There are many people which find this
    never – nowhere.
    Now I hold my fingers crossed for you to find a desired job.
    Besides I hope so we could see us and speak with each other any time soon?
    But first you should continue your travel so long as it´s good and important for your mind and body – and for your love life too! Good luck, my dear!

  4. Hei Ole, es ist schön deinen blog zu lesen …. ich freu mich sehr für dich, dass du dein inneres zuhause gefunden hast … ich habe jetzt mein drittes kind zur welt gebracht und kann sagen, dass ich auch angekommen bin … trotzdem, sobald die kinder aus dem hause sind und das leben es zulässt bin ich weg …. ich freu mich, wenn du wiederkommst und vielleicht etwas von deiner reise zu dir erzählen magst …alles gute weiterhin, viel glück und liebe dir

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