visa today…not

the woman at the counter did say i should come today to get my visa. Nobody could know that the consul wasn’t in the house today so he could sign it…because he had a whole week for it >:-(
anyways i will go and get it on thursday…
later more
so long Ole


Kazakhstan Visum and new Shoes

Today i went to the Embassy of Kazakhstan which is opened from 8-12.
When i arrived at 10.00 i realized i forgot my Passport O.o
So i ran back and got back to the embassy at 11.49…
yeah so next tuesday i got a Visa for Kazakhstan, where i will audit at the German-Kazakh-University in Almaty.
On my way back i stopped to buy new shoes, i tryed them on and fell in love instantly!
Leather Paladium Boots! Price reduced.
well i bought them 😉

so long