Atolls are picturesque

I know all of you are hungry for pictures, so i will give to you what you most desire… impressions from another world, a chance to flee the known 😀 ok enough self flattery
here you go

So long
Monkey Ole

Island Life

The last month i have been sailing through the little atolls of the pacific ocean.
Here a few thoughts of that time:
(pictures will follow later 😉 )


What is it that makes us think islands with palm trees and beaches are beautiful?
Is it their remoteness, their loneliness or just the same pristine untouched beauty that makes us think Mountain ranges, deserts and rain forests are beautiful, not considered, that they too are very remote and potentially lonely.
Infinity anchored in the Atoll of Sorol, and while everybody was diving, fishing or just enjoying the sun, I was enjoying the Island.
Its soft roughness, almost like a lure for the common traveler, caught me instantaneously.
Seeing the abundance of Coconut palm trees, the white beach, the unbelievable numbers of hermit crabs, from shrimp to fist size, and the crystal clear water was like looking at a Bacardi advertisement.
This is exactly what our society conditioned us to… flee the dull gray daily life of the western “civilized” world to a beach paradise. Nobody to demand or judge, just you, the jungle and the ocean.
If it wasn’t for the absence of a food source for more than just coconuts or meat, I would have bitten the lure.
One night on the island and you can already feel your body switching to survival mode.
An awareness that i would describe as almost instinctual.

The People who you find on these islands however are so welcoming and heartwarming as you can only imagine.
They give and give and you just automatically start giving too…it is a virtuous circle…opposed to all these vicious circles of the west.

I personally love the islands and their islanders.
You immediately become part of the family and everybody is super grateful.
The almost cliché image of us wearing flower lays on our heads and around our necks every day was very beautiful… and these lays actually work almost like a deodorant…You become a flower!

Opposed to the harmony we found on the islands, our colourful crew from 9 different nations had quite a difficult time of keeping the morale up. Cultural misunderstandings, wrong expectations and a lot of poison has ruined the trip for a few crew members, which made me really sad.
How come that we are in all these paradisaical places, yet still people are unhappy and only feel good if they can pull others down with them… for me that is just a waste of energy!
So here in Chuuk 4 people left our boat.

I had fun, even though i had not a lot of fun under water as i first got an ear infection and then an infected toe due to a very well aimed machete stroke while coconut harvesting 😉 (in my defense it was the last of 70 coconuts on top of a palmtree) but now all is healthy again, so i will do some free wreck diving here in Chuuk Lagoon.

It is the worlds most famous wreck diving spot, as the Americans sunk almost the entire Japanese fleet as retaliation for pearl harbor.

so long
Your pirate Ole

p.s. pictures of the trip so far are sure to follow
p.p.s. pictures of the trip in the future are sure to follow 😉