The Tibetan Colony

Ok, so last time i showed you a picture of my host!
(i fixed the pictures, now you can actually see him 😉 )

We (the american lady i met in the train, Jigmee and another monk) drove to the Tibetan colony.
I was stunned when we arrived, so stunned that i forgot to make pictures…
But then we came to Jigmees monastry by the Name of Jaipun.
It holds 4000 Monks and is divided in 4 monastic universites.

This is his university/temple.

And this is Lubum Kangtse, the compound where he lives.

I did not have a PAP (protected area permit) so i was staying in the colony illegally, which is the reason why i did not see much of the colony itself.

But i saw some spectacular things:


you are not allowed to wear shoes in the temple

when having a pudja in the temple, they normally eat in between.

this is a teaching.
(i recorded some samples, you can see them in the P.S.-section)

I love to cook, but the highest amound of people i ever cooked for was 10, the kitchen master here cooked a delicious soup for 1500 people!

the kitchen
the ingedients
cut the tomatoes
fry the onions and stir, so they wont burn.

Add 3 buckets of glass noodles to a big pot of fried onions and tomatoes.
thenn add 2 buckets of cheese
3 buckets of mushroom
2 buckets of Chinese mushrooms
and then around 8 buckets of different vegetables
prepare a bowl of chili sauce
and stir the milk tea

Debate session

The Tibetan debate is quite physical. it is almost a dancing. the one sitting has to answer the questions of the standing man. and nobody is allowed to become angry.

(i am sorry for the bad quality, but my small cam could not get it better, due to the darkness 🙂 )the dance (i made a video of that)

the debate ground
symbolically putting salt on the head of the sitting one, because he made a mistake.

the “finals”, the groups gather and make a group discussion.
and people are allowed to stand up and to support the standing guy.
and then they do the dance together…

I did not make pictures of the reincarnation of the teacher of the Dalai Lama, who gave me an audience and answered some private questions.
Also i did not make any pictures of the chaotic street system, which looks really organic, and none of the beautiful Ratu monastery and its white abbot. The first white abbot in Tibetan Buddhism. A very nice American guy who studied Buddhism for more than 30 years.
So long Ole

In the announced picture there are different numbers on the doors.
In which room did i spend 3 nights??
Hint: the guy walking is my host.
You get time until December to guess.
The comment must be on the blog!
I will announce the winner(s) when i write the first entry from Mumbai.


i did not make this video, but the internet here is to slow 😦
there are 2 other videos i wanted to share, but now you just have to keep with the pictures :/

travel pics

Finally you hear something of me again!

It will be hard to keep the chronology 🙂

Ok here are the pics from Dharamsala to Bir to Hubli:

indian building site

view of dharamsala
me and aliah 🙂

now pictures from my trip from dharamsala to Bir (by bus)

normally this would be the end of the entry 😀
but today i need to get rid of all these pictures….

elections for the party that has a phone as symbol, there is also one with a flower and one with a hand, which apparently is the congress party.

Meena has dressed up for diwali.
this is the last pic until i got my camera back in delhi.

a mountain or a breast?

my second bed, in the first one i couldnt sleep, because my feet had an interference with the door, every time someone opened it (i am to tall for india)

And then i finally arrived in Hubli.

these ladies were so happy when i made a picture of them!!

slurping coconut with my monk host in the tibetan colony near hubli, but this is a story i have to upload tomorrow!!!

so long ole!!!

good bye delhi (again)

i am sitting here and waiting for the courier to bring my camera. in a few hours i will spend 2 days in a train to Karnataka (google is your friend 😉 ) there i will hitchhike around from Hubli to Hampi to Gokharna to Goa to Mumbai. In India there are a lot of different languages, as i already told you. I learned a few words of Hindi and Tibetan (even though i have never been in Tibet!! i have been in the exile colonies of Dharamsala and Bir. just to make things clear) In Karnataka i will have to learn a new language called Kannada 😀 I am looking forward to south India, it will be warm and at the ocean i can go swimming and get some awesome seafood. (i just got my camera…so when i have fast internet again i will upload pics from Dharamsala till Karnataka 🙂 ) so long Ole p.s. i am happy that obama won the elections, even though here in India nobody cares. And the US politic is so blocked by senate and congress, that i wouldn’t make any difference whoever is president. I am happy.

Dehli spacefill

this is a spacefiller (i forgot my camera in Bir), so there are no pics, even though i have a laptop … *grrr

I had a horribly uncomfortable 15h bus ride with two Government Busses.
it was interesting experience though 🙂
Yesterday we (the Dehli-Party-Crew and me) went to a bar called “Route69”, where we listened to Psy…hrrmhrrm
I did not want to listen, so i went upstairs (i could still hear it, the whole place was outside, but at least i could talk)
I met a birthday party there, who handed out free food and drinks 🙂
The birthday-guy was a pretty good musician, who played an acoustic session with two other guys, it developed to be a jam-session…so i started beatboxing, it was fun.

Today i went in the city, bought a moskito net, two turbans and new socks 🙂

♪ ♫ –
“No Pics today,
the cam has gone away.
My readers stay in thought,
the camra will be brought…”
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So long