For the last 2 weeks i worked as a cook in a beach kiosk.
I made money so i can afford to fly to Thailand.
I booked a ticket today.
The winter here was hard. people don’t heat their homes and most europeans agree that it is harsher than the european winters. Even though we get colder temperatures.
But the summer has started and i like it. Beaches with beautiful people tanning in the sun. Surfers waiting for the perfect wave. It feels like it has become a different place.
Yet i had enough.
I sold my car and i am getting rid of the stuff that i have accumulated because of it.
I am looking forward to the relaxed attitude of the Asians. It sometimes feels like most things here are about money.
I have an urge to not worry about money anymore to thrive and live, but australia seems so expensive you are on a constant survival.
It is going to be great to go back to asia, meditate and meet old friends before i go back home. Or maybe i will change my mind completely after meditating. Who knows.
I am looking forward to meeting my family and friends again, working in switzerland, and eventually starting to study there.
Loving life today, my job hired other people, so i am not working at the moment, but really enjoying my free time.
Here are some pix of the job.

So long

good bye delhi (again)

i am sitting here and waiting for the courier to bring my camera. in a few hours i will spend 2 days in a train to Karnataka (google is your friend 😉 ) there i will hitchhike around from Hubli to Hampi to Gokharna to Goa to Mumbai. In India there are a lot of different languages, as i already told you. I learned a few words of Hindi and Tibetan (even though i have never been in Tibet!! i have been in the exile colonies of Dharamsala and Bir. just to make things clear) In Karnataka i will have to learn a new language called Kannada 😀 I am looking forward to south India, it will be warm and at the ocean i can go swimming and get some awesome seafood. (i just got my camera…so when i have fast internet again i will upload pics from Dharamsala till Karnataka 🙂 ) so long Ole p.s. i am happy that obama won the elections, even though here in India nobody cares. And the US politic is so blocked by senate and congress, that i wouldn’t make any difference whoever is president. I am happy.

goodbye Germany

tomorrow is the big day. i leave and i don’t know when i come back in this room here in Wallmow.
I had a very cool time on tour with the klausthaler puppetshow at the baltic sea.
But what is now?
I put stuff in the backpack just to remove it afterwards so i can put it in again.
i think about stuff that could happen to me, about things that i want to happen,
and about people that i won’t see for a long time.
I talked to most of the most important people of my life today.
i am confused, exited, happy and melancholic at the same time.
It is time to travel.
i want to thank many people, because they made me to what i am today.
so if you feel that you might be one of theese people: Thank You!
Thank you for long nights with philosophic talks, thank you for parental love, thank you for romantic moments, thank you for making movies together, thank you for a little crazyness at school, thank you for critisism and thank you for being there if needed.
wow.. this is getting very emotional.
see y’all in the next 1-3 years… I will take my time, but i come back 🙂

so long