goodbye Germany

tomorrow is the big day. i leave and i don’t know when i come back in this room here in Wallmow.
I had a very cool time on tour with the klausthaler puppetshow at the baltic sea.
But what is now?
I put stuff in the backpack just to remove it afterwards so i can put it in again.
i think about stuff that could happen to me, about things that i want to happen,
and about people that i won’t see for a long time.
I talked to most of the most important people of my life today.
i am confused, exited, happy and melancholic at the same time.
It is time to travel.
i want to thank many people, because they made me to what i am today.
so if you feel that you might be one of theese people: Thank You!
Thank you for long nights with philosophic talks, thank you for parental love, thank you for romantic moments, thank you for making movies together, thank you for a little crazyness at school, thank you for critisism and thank you for being there if needed.
wow.. this is getting very emotional.
see y’all in the next 1-3 years… I will take my time, but i come back 🙂

so long


the time has come to say goodbye to friends and family.
I will depart in 18days and won’t see my sisters again, so today it was a tearful event.
I am really looking forward to my journey but at the same time i become melancholic because of all the people i leave in Germany.

Now i work at baltic sea till the 21st of Aug. with a good friend of the family at a puppet theater.

so long

Kazakhstan Visum and new Shoes

Today i went to the Embassy of Kazakhstan which is opened from 8-12.
When i arrived at 10.00 i realized i forgot my Passport O.o
So i ran back and got back to the embassy at 11.49…
yeah so next tuesday i got a Visa for Kazakhstan, where i will audit at the German-Kazakh-University in Almaty.
On my way back i stopped to buy new shoes, i tryed them on and fell in love instantly!
Leather Paladium Boots! Price reduced.
well i bought them 😉

so long


byebye Myanmar

As some already know is my goal to get around the world without flying.
Today i went to the embassy of Myanmar… when asking if I could get a Visa at the boarder, they told me i cannot even cross the boarder without flying.
Now there are 2 ways: either i fly directly to Thailand (which is stupid because i don’t want to fly)
I go by boat…
i probably choose the last.

so long ole

p.s. russian bureaucracy is a pain

NuevoSol Festival

This weekend we went to the NuevoSol Festival close to Rostock.
It were 3 days of pure relaxation, music and a lot of friendly people.
We had our own “castle” made of a big bus and a tarp.

Even though it was said to be rainy, we enjoyed a lot of sun. Not only in the weather but also in our hearts.
I can recommend this very small festival to everybody.
It were about 1000 people, one stage and one DJ tent.

Next to the festival i got all of my injections. Now i am officially immune against yellow fever.
I also wrote mails to universities in Kazakhstan, China and India.
In 2 weeks I’ll be in Croatia for a week…i am really looking forward to that.